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Engineering the future of the ‘new normal’

03 Jun 2020

CEO's Update - Coronavirus weekly: Issue 10

29 May 2020

Webinar foresees ‘Nike Swoosh’-shaped economic recovery

28 May 2020

International finance institutions critical to Covid recovery

26 May 2020

CEO's Update - Coronavirus weekly: Issue 9

22 May 2020

Kickstarting the post-Covid economy

20 May 2020


June 3
RT @FEPAC_LA: Webinar de @FIDIC sobre el tema "Aprendiendo lecciones de cómo los países y gobiernos han lidiado con la pandemia de Covid-19…
June 3
“Collaboration across the board is absolutely key for business and society going forward and we need to leave nobod…
June 3
RT @GambetaNews: This webinar explores what different countries have done, both in response to the spread of the virus and also the subsequ…