Use of FIDIC branding

The FIDIC logo is subject to copyright. You do not need to apply to FIDIC for permission to use the FIDIC logo provided you or your organisation satisfies the criteria outlined below. If you have any questions please contact the FIDIC Secretariat ([email protected]).

Use by Organisations

FIDIC reserves all rights of ownership to designs owned and used by FIDIC (collectively referred to as "logos"). Moreover, the words "FIDIC" and the designation FIDIC in Helvetica characters are registered trademarks. FIDIC products and services described as, for example, FIDIC Conditions of Contract are designated FIDIC® Conditions of Contract.

1. Eligibility

FIDIC Member Associations, Affiliate Members and Associate Members and firms and organisations belonging to FIDIC national Member Associations are encouraged to use the FIDIC logo in documents. For convenience, they can use the logo without seeking explicit permission or a license provided the logo is not modified or imitated and not incorporated in any manner into other devices or designs. The fact that permission or a license is not expressly granted does not imply that FIDIC relinguishes its rights.

2. Conditions of use

However, it is important to note that the logo can only be used by a member firm in the country in which the firm belongs to the national Member Association. Clearly, for an international firm, if the logo appears on letterhead, provided the firm's headquarters are based in a country in which the firm is a member of the FIDIC Member Association, the letter paper can be diffused worldwide. But where, for instance, the logo is used in tender documentation in, say, Tanzania, FIDIC would require that the firm is a member of the Tanzania FIDIC Member Association (but only in cases where a Member Association exists). Details of national Member Associations can be searched for in the FIDIC Member Associations and Associates area online.

Other organisations and all individuals must receive FIDIC's authorisation in writing in order to reproduce and use the FIDIC logo.

3. Format

3.1. Member Associations and Associate Members

The logo can be used in three formats:

- The FIDIC logo would be accompanied by the logo of the Member Association/Associate Member and the words: "Company xyz, Member of National Association ABC, a FIDIC Member Association/Associate Member". It is satisfactory to use the FIDIC logo without the Member Association/Associate Member logo provided the words are added. Adding the Member Association/Associate Member logo is optional, and for this it may be necessary to seek the permission of the Member Association/Associate Member concerned.

 - Company Xxxxx Yyyyyyyy Zzzzzzz, Member of National Association Aaaa Bbbbbbb Cccccc, a FIDIC Member Association/Associate Member

 - The initials ("ABC") of the national Member Association/Associate Member are shown below the FIDIC logo, and the Member Association/Associate Member logo is not shown.


- As a web link logo on a webpage without accompanying text incorporated into a design.

3.2. Affiliate Members

The logo can be used in the following format:
The FIDIC logo should be accompanied by the logo of the Affiliate Member and, optionally, the words: "Affiliate Member". The FIDIC logo must be used with the Affiliate Member's logo.

Organisation logo



If reproduced in colour as opposed to black on white, the colour must be Pantone "293 Blue" on White. 293 blue is RBG = 0:93:168 and CYMK = 95%:68%:2%:0%. The logo may never be screened back, built out of four-color process screens, or broken into multiple colours.

To properly stage the logo, a minimum clearance of 5 pixels between the logo and other elements must be maintained, and the logo must always be at least 60 pixels in width, with symmetry preserved. FIDIC reserves the right in its sole discretion to terminate or modify permission to display the logo, and may request modification or deletion of any use of the logo that, in FIDIC’s sole judgment, does not comply with guidelines, or might otherwise impair FIDIC’s rights.

Use by Committee Members

The FIDIC logos is also made available for official use by members of FIDIC committees and working groups in documents and publications released on behalf of FIDIC.

Logo files

The logo supplied below in various formats is in  Pantone "293 Blue" on White. 293 blue has a CYMK value of 95%:68%:2%:0% (RBG = 0:93:168).

High resolution

- JPG