Sustainable Development Committee (SDC)



The FIDIC Sustainable Development Committee (SDC) (“the Committee”) is a working committee of FIDIC appointed by the FIDIC Board, whose primary functions are to:

  • Assess the impact of the construction industry and advise the Consulting Engineering industry as to how it may develop strategies, tools and training to maximise its contribution to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
  • Assess the potential impact of climate change and provide a forum for Consulting Engineers to share ideas as to how they can enable mitigation, adaptation and resilience to climate change to develop and maintain buildings and infrastructure assets and heritage.
  • Advise FIDIC as to appropriate sustainability policies and practices.
  • Monitor, advocate and guide best practice in sustainable development across the global engineering and construction industry.
  • Advise the FIDIC Board and Secretariat on all aspects of sustainable development across the Consulting Engineering industry.
Full details of purpose and activities can be found in the Terms of Reference below.

Terms of Reference (ToR)


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Responsible FIDIC Board Members

Alfredo Ingletti                                      Italy

Primary responsibility

Prashant Kapila                                            India

Secondary responsibility



Tracey Ryan  

New Zealand (chair)

Natalie Muir

Australia (vice chair)

Robert Spencer

UK (vice chair)

Idriss Kathrada


Sudhir Dhawan 


Babak Banijamali 


Anders Persson


Maria Rozpide


Stéphanie Groen


Feng Tian


Michael Walker


Jeshika Ramchund

South Africa