Apply to be considered for FIDIC committees

Welcome to FIDIC committees


FIDIC continues to strive to strengthen its influential committees.

FIDIC activities are organized and managed by specialised committees, often comprising the chairs of committees, task groups, and task forces, appointed by the FIDIC Board.

The committee’s work is vital for FIDIC and I know that they bring their significant and considerable knowledge and experience in drafting, producing, regulating, influencing and representing FIDIC and the consultancy and engineering industry across the globe.

It is therefore vital to FIDIC that it encourages, monitors and ensures that the strength and expertise of these committees remain at the highest possible standards and levels of transparency. As such, it should be noted that the names of members of the FIDIC committees are published on the FIDIC website and priority will be given to professionals working in FIDIC member firms for the consideration of candidates

If you wish to express your interest in becoming a FIDIC committee member I would ask you to please review the terms of reference for the committees which interest you before submitting your interest. 

We look forward to receiving and reviewing your application.

With best wishes,

Dr Nelson Ogunshakin FICE, OBE

Chief Executive, FIDIC

The terms of reference for the current committees can be found below: