National Adjudicator Lists

NATIONAL LISTs maintained by FIDIC member associations

FIDIC encourages Member Associations to establish national lists of adjudicators, arbitrators, mediators and experts.

These lists are helpful for people seeking dispute resolution services from both inside and outside a country.

FIDIC encourages the development of lists of professionals suitable for serving on a Dispute Adjudication Board (DAB) established under a contract using FIDIC Conditions of Contract.

Current national lists can be accessed below:

- *France (Syntec-Ingenierie) List

- *Germany (VBI) List
- Hungary (AHCEA) List

- *Japan ( ECFAJ) List
- Poland (SIDiR) List
- Slovakia (SACE) List

- South Africa (SCAACE) List Course

- Switzerland (USIC) List

- Tanzania (ACET)  List
- UK (ACE) List

- Zambia (ACEZ)  List

Successful candidates were appointed by the Association listed above reflecting “FIDIC Guidelines for National Lists


* Successful candidates were examined by the “Adjudicator Guidelines” that reflect the “FIDIC Guidelines for National Lists”


The lists above are produced by Member Associations and are provided for informative purposes only. Whilst we undertake every effort to ensure that the links above are complete and up to date, they can be subject to change.

FIDIC accepts no liability in respect to any direct, implied, statutory, and/or consequential loss arising from the lists above