Get involved

At FIDIC we are keen to continue to develop our policy and advocacy work.

Advocacy and stakeholder engagement

As part of FIDIC, you gain the benefit of FIDIC’s global reputation and stakeholder relations. It’s important our members and their member firms are not only seen, but also heard!

Policy development and influence

As part of FIDIC, you have the opportunity to engage in FIDIC’s policy workstreams; don’t follow the debate, join it! Set the agenda and make it global.


Get involved in FIDIC’s policy and advocacy work and capture the attention of decision makers


Get involved in the development of FIDIC's policies and positions, influencing the future of global markets

FIDIC Committees

Attendance at technical committees or smaller events where members play a key role in helping to develop policy and technical solutions

FIDIC Conferences

Attend large multinational conferences that attract high-level decision makes from across government and the private sector

FIDIC Regions

Get involved in activities in your region, giving you opportunities to influence transnational policies and issues


As part of the FIDIC policy area you will receive opportunities to attend events and network with industry figures and clients


Graham Pontin

Head of Economic and Strategic Policy

As FIDIC’s head of economic and strategic policy, Graham oversees three core areas of FIDIC’s work - namely economic research, corporate policy and the thought leadership programme. Graham is an economist with more than ten years’ experience and is skilled in market research and policy formulation.

+41 22 799 49 13

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