International Financial Institutions Committee (IFIC)​



The FIDIC International Financial Institutions Committee (IFIC) (“the Committee”) is a working committee of FIDIC appointed by the FIDIC Board, whose primary functions are to:

  • Work with International Financing Institutions (IFIs) and related organisations in the development of policies, guidelines and processes to improve financial management, procurement and enable implementation of innovations and best practice.
  • Monitor changes in priorities of IFI and identify relevant topics to which FIDIC should contribute or address as a strategic priority.
  • Work with IFI’s to improve the business environment for engineering services to IFI funded work to enable it to contribute to Sustainable Development Goals.
  • Develop and promote FIDIC contracts, training, advocacy documents and position statements relevant to the international aid market.
  • Advise the FIDIC Board and Secretariat on all aspects of International Financial Institutions and Multilateral Development Banks as they relate to the Consulting Engineering industry.
Full details of purpose and activities can be found in the Terms of Reference below.

Terms of Reference (ToR)


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Responsible FIDIC Board Members

Manish KothariUnited States of America

Primary responsibility

Luis Villarroya

Secondary responsibility


Suraj Rana

UK (Chair)

Patrick Wambulwa

Kenya (Vice Chair)

Vera Monika Masurat

Germany (Vice Chair)

Juan Carlos Sierra


Khalid Saleem


Libby Paholski


Nora Fung


LaToya Ouna

FLAC Representative                                      Kenya

Cristina Ginés Pallarés


Johnny Ojeil



Marco Ruggiero