Request a Bespoke Licence

FIDIC discourages modification of its publications. In a very limited number of special cases, FIDIC agrees to license organizations to prepare bespoke contracts for clients. A license from FIDIC allows the owner of the license to amend the General Conditions of FIDIC Contract in the text and produce a bespoke contract using the elements of the FIDIC Contract for which the license is granted.

FIIDIC will only agree to issue a license to prepare a modified or adapted contract under certain conditions. Specifically, the modified contract must be for internal purposes, for a single contract under each project, and not be published or distributed commercially. FIDIC Copyright shall be respected at all times. Exchange of the editable document will only be allowed to a limited number of individuals involved in the drafting and negotiation of the bespoke contract and for the purposes of the license only. For multi-contract projects, one license must be bought for each contract. The Licensee will have one year from the date that the License is granted to execute a bespoke contract. While the License will be valid for one year period, upon execution of the bespoke contract by the parties, the license validity will continue through the entire project cycle.

Bespoke contract produced under the License will not be endorsed by FIDIC and may not be represented as being FIDIC Contract. Instead, the Licensee will be required to insert a copyright note in the bespoke contract stating that the bespoke contract has been prepared using the elements of the FIDIC Document under license from FIDIC. It will be required to indicate License Number assigned to each license.

The License fee of Euro 1120 applies to each License and permits Licensee to produce a single bespoke contract. A separate license is required for each contract. Application fee of Euro 280 will apply.

The license will be issued on an exceptional basis. Neither Licensee nor any other party may invoke it as a precedent for FIDIC granting another license on similar or different conditions.

If you wish to obtain the license, please send your request to FIDIC by completing the below request form and making a payment of Euro 1120 for each license plus application fee Euro 280.

FIDIC will review the request and if it considers that the grant of the license is justified, you will be notified accordingly within 5 days from submission of the request.

Should FIDIC decide not to grant the license, we will refund your license fee.  The Application fee is non-refundable and will apply whether or not the license is granted at its sole discretion.

License fees cannot be refunded after the license has been granted by FIDIC.

Please review FIDIC Bespoke License Terms and Conditions here