Future Leaders Advisory Council (FLAC)


The FIDIC Future Leaders Advisory Council (FLAC) (“the Council”) is an Advisory Council of FIDIC appointed by the FIDIC Board under Art.12 (7) of the FIDIC Statutes and By Law VIII to support the constituency represented by the Council, whose primary functions are to:

  • Engage with Future Leaders in the consultancy and engineering sector to promote FIDICs activities.
  • Work with FIDIC to create targeted activities for Future Leaders.


The strategic priorities of the Council are to:

  • To produce at least 2 publications/guidance documents per year with engagement from the FIDIC secretariat.
  • To ensure that established task groups membership and activities are maintained to retain a source of knowledge for FIDIC and its members.
  • Encourage Future Leaders to participate in FIDIC activities and encourage companies to sponsor such activities.
  • Coordinate and execute Future Leader events at FIDIC conferences in coordination with the FIDIC secretariat.
  • Work with Future Leaders Member Associations to identify trends and events of interest.
  • To work with the FIDIC secretariat to maintain online resources about the Council, its membership, and activities.
  • To work with the FIDIC secretariat when engaging with external stakeholders as part of the Council representing FIDIC.

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  • FIDIC created the FIDIC Young Professional Forum (YPF)
  • The Forum was led by the FIDIC YPF Steering Committee


  • FIDIC changed the name of the Young Professionals Forum into Future Leader Group (FLG)
  • The group was led by the Future Leaders Committee (FLC)


  • The Future Leaders Committee became the FIDIC Future Leaders Advisory Council (FLAC)
  • The FLC leads the Future Leaders Group. 


Responsible FIDIC Board Members

Luis Villarroya

Primary responsibility

Adam Bialachowski

Secondary responsibility





Rodrigo Juarez 

Mexico (chair)

Koray Ates


Gloria Kemigisha Mwebaze


Artur Brito

Brazil (vice chair)



Liangyu Wu



Mads Rasmussen


Harshita Jain


Latoya Ouna


Wojciech Szewczak

United Kingdom


FIDIC Future Leaders... leading the way e-booklet 2023

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The FIDIC Future Leaders Management Certificate

The FIDIC Future Leaders Management Certificate (FLMC) is a seven-month interactive training programme in business practice for future line managers, see Future Leaders Management Certificate.