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The FIDIC Future Leaders is the group of young professionals of the International Federation of Consulting Engineers (FIDIC). It was formed in 2004 with the intention of providing FLs with the opportunity to participate actively in FIDIC with their peers and to develop the next generation of consulting engineering industry leaders. As a leadership committee, the Future Leaders Council (FLC) was formed to develop communication and networking opportunities for all FLs involved in the FIDIC community.

Promoting the participation of future leaders in the consulting engineering industry's activities.



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FLC Members

The  Future Leaders Group (FLG) is managed by the FL Council (FLC), to know more details about FLC members please click here.

Vision: To promote and empower FLs within the FIDIC Community to participate effectively in shaping the future of the Consulting Engineering Industry.

Mission: To provide FLs with a platform to influence the strategies, policies and initiatives of FIDIC and society, by promoting the active participation in FLC to all Member Associations (MAs) of FIDIC, through a variety of initiatives and activities such as forums, events, webinars and communication channels.

FLC Business Plan

The FIDIC FLC Business Plan is approved by FIDC Board for the purpose of providing the full details for the vision, mission, goal, objectives, values, activities, etc… of the FLC community, in addition to document all basic information that is needed to map out a strategy to focus actions. You can find it here.

FLC Reference Document Guideline 

The FIDIC FLC Reference Document is a Guideline to assist FIDIC Member Associations (MAs) in establishing a Future Leader Committee ( FLC), and providing inspiration to existing FLs for continued development. The first edition of this Guide was issued in September 2013. You can find the fourth edition here.

FLC Newsletter

The FLC Newsletter started its journey in 2007 and continues its mission to create a real bridge between all FLs worldwide, a bridge that channels FLs ideas, interests, activities, growth, cultures & achievements. To see full details of all previous issues and to keep up-to-date on the latest FLF newsletter, please click here.  

FLC Newsletter is the young voice of FIDIC!

FIDIC ASPAC Future Leaders' News

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FLC Chairpersons

YearFLC Chair/ CountryMembers No.
2004-2006  Kunji Akinaga / Japan 5
2007-2008Richard Stump / USA 9
2009-2010Alex Eyquem / UK10
2010-2011Nader Shokoufi / Iran12
2011-2012Michele Kruger / South Africa15
2013-2014Selena Wilson / Canada20
2015-2016Manochener Azizi / Iran 20
2017-2018Jomanah AlBtoush / Jordan31-24
2019-2020Cosmin Tobolcea / Romania 
2020-2022Adam Bialachowski / Poland 
2022-present Rodrigo Juarez / Mexico 


National Member Association FL Forums

Several FIDIC Member Associations operate successful Future Leaders Committees. Activities include coordination; exchange programmes; online discussions forums; Board and committee participation; in-company young professional groups; facilitation for overseas projects.

The FIDIC Future Leaders Management Certificate

The FIDIC Future Leaders Management Certificate (FLMC) is a seven-month interactive training programme in business practice for future line managers, see Future Leaders Management Certificate.

FIDIC has always offered attendance at FIDIC's Annual Conference as part of FIDIC’s Future Leaders Management Certificate. Attendance at the Conference and the networking opportunities which it offers has been one of the many highlights of the programme and the FLMC programme also intends to offer FIDIC’s Annual Infrastructure Conference at a 50% discounted rate.

Due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, FIDIC’s Annual Infrastructure Conference will be held online in 2021. However, we are hopeful that FIDIC’s Annual Infrastructure Conference will go ahead in person in 2022. As was the case in 2020, 2021 FLMC participants will be able to participate in the online conference and attend the FLMC award ceremony online in September 2021.

Graduates of the FLMC programme are entitled to participate in the activities of FIDIC’s Future Leaders Group led by the Future Leaders Council (FLC). The group aims to promote and empower Future Leaders (FLs) within the FIDIC community to participate effectively in shaping the future of the Consulting Engineering Industry and provide networking opportunities and regular get-togethers. 

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