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In this article Cory Wilson FIIDC YPFSC member is sharing thoughts and ideas on How Industry Participation Can Enhance Your Career, in Professional Career, Personal Life & Corporate aspects.

Structured training – an essential for a successful Young Professional. Jennifer Ojakovo, Estonia

How did it go wrong? Who was held liable? Did you claim responsibility and log these into your lesson learned file? Did it threaten your job or question your integrity? Did it result to lack of trust in your skills by client and employer? Did the outcome of your project or task cause you to doubt your capabilities at any time? Did you have anyone to turn to?

Young Professionals in Latin America Infrastructure in Peru, Latin America and the World By: Rodrigo Juarez (México) & André Assumpção (Brasil)

FIDIC Young Professionals sharing their experience in APC-FEPAC Symposium in Lima, Peru. 
Rodrigo Juarez (Mexico) and André Assumpçao (Brazil) call for more young professionals working in the infrastructure industry in the Latinamerican region to join the activities they undertake in more than 100 countries.

Jóvenes Profesionistas en América Latina: Infraestructura del Perú, América Latina y el Mundo  Por Rodrigo Juárez (México) y André Assumpção (Brasil) 

Jóvenes Profesionistas en América Latina: una visión de nuestra participación en el Simposium Conferencia Infraestructura del Perú, América Latina y del Mundo

Jovens Profissionais na América Latina: Infraestrutura no Peru, América Latina e no Mundo Por Rodrigo Juarez (México) & André Assumpção (Brasil)

No dia 09/05/18, os integrantes do YPFSC, Rodrigo Juarez (Mexico) e André Assumpcao (Brasil), foram convidados a participar como palestrantes no  Simpósio Conferencia “Infraestrutura do Peru, América Latina e do Mundo” organizado pela Associação Peruana de Consultores (APC), idealizada dentro do contexto de seu 50º aniversário.


Stuck in a rut? Have you tried introspection? By: Jeshika Ramchund , South Africa

Super-productive people seem to get it all done as if by magic, but super-productivity is a set of skills that we can acquire and utilize, an article prepared by the YPFSC Member & GAMA YPF Chairperson, Jeshika Ramchund: Stuck in a rut? Have you tried introspection?

For the full article refer to the below 

My Experience in Attending FIDIC-ACEG European Infrastructure Conference Tblisi By: Rafat Al Bouri -Saudi Arabia

Read Rafat Al Bouri's article about his attendance and participation in FIDIC-ACEG European Infrastructure Conference in Tblisi/ Georgia in March 2018

The importance of profession updating for Young Professionals by Eleonora Smargiassi- Italy

Read Eleonora Smargiassi's article about ''The importance of profession updating for Young Professionals''

YPF Newsletter Issue 27

The Reflection of YPF

Since 2007, the YPF Newsletter has been connecting Young Professionals (YPs) worldwide by providing content that channels YP ideas, interests, activities, growth, cultures & achievements.

My Take on FIDIC Webinar - Urban Sustainability Management (Based on ISO 37101 Standard) By: Charles Frank from Tanzania

Read Charles Frank feedback about FIDIC Webinar - Urban Sustainability Management (Based on ISO 37101 Standard) in the attached document.


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