FIDIC President's List of Approved Dispute Adjudicators

FIDIC has established a high standard for its President’s List of Approved Dispute Adjudicators. Successful candidates who are invited to attend the President’s List Adjudicator Assessment will need to be fluent in English and be familiar with FIDIC's current Conditions of Contract (see FIDIC Forums: Contracts). Invitees to the Adjudicator Assessment will be subjected to rigorous testing, and will be expected to demonstrate not only their close understanding of FIDIC Contracts but also their dispute resolution skills, and knowledge of DAB procedures.   Adjudicators listed on the President’s List are required to be senior members of a relevant professional institution with extensive construction industry experience.  They are also required to comply with the specified criteria for inclusion on the List throughout the period of listing. 

Candidates from a broad range of backgrounds, countries and language skills are encouraged to apply, but the testing will be undertaken in English, the default language for FIDIC contracts.


- Qualification criteria
- Information on admission
- Application procedure
- Letter of Application (format) for assessment and/or listing or renewal
- Nominating Letter from a Member (format)
- Proposer's Letter (format)
- Seconder's Letter (format)
- Fees
- Notes on admission
- Application checklist
- Venue and Registration

Qualification criteria

The qualification criteria which FIDIC and APA will be assessing for admission to the President's List of Dispute Adjudicators include the following:

  • Member of a FIDIC Member Association, either as an individual or as an employee of a member firm, or as an individual or as an employee of an Affiliate Member of FIDIC (see FIDIC Members).
  • In the event of non-membership, individual FIDIC Affiliate membership should be applied for after successful pre-assessment.
  • Appropriate academic and/or professional qualifications as an engineer in any of the principal disciplines of engineering, or a relevant and equivalent academic and professional qualification; 
  • At least ten years practice at a senior level as an engineer (or in a relevant and equivalent profession) with extensive experience in contract administration and dispute resolution.
  • Knowledge of and experience in the interpretation of FIDIC documentation generally, familiarity with the forms of contract published by FIDIC since 1999, and a detailed understanding of the dispute resolution procedures contained therein; 
  • Proven, first-hand experience as an arbitrator or adjudicator in construction-related disputes;
  • Success in the FIDIC Adjudicator Assessment, a three-day examination of knowledge and ability, as organised by FIDIC;
  • Excellent inter-personal and communication skills; 
  • Commitment to, and availability for, appointments as an adjudicator for FIDIC contracts;
  • Ability to be impartial, objective and a “team player”. 


Information on Admission

Applicants must be sponsored by their Member Associations or by FIDIC Affiliates (see FIDIC Directory for Member Associations and Affiliates).  Sponsors are required to confirm that the applicant satisfies the above criteria (the format for the sponsor’s letter is given below).

If the candidate is not a FIDIC member, he/she should apply for Membership through his national Member Association or for direct  Affiliate Membership of FIDIC.  See application procedures at

In addition, applicants must be proposed and seconded by two individuals who have close and personal knowledge of the applicant's skills and abilities in the field of dispute resolution and who, ideally, are themselves members of the FIDIC President’s List. Current APA members may not act as either a proposer or seconder. Proposers and seconders must declare that the applicant satisfies the stated qualification criteria for membership of the President’s List and shall state that, to the best of his or her knowledge and belief, all the details on the applicant's application are correct.

Applicants must also certify that they will continue to develop their abilities and knowledge by further study and periodic training. Persons listed will be required to demonstrate compliance with these criteria on a regular basis and, in the event that the adjudicator cannot demonstrate such compliance, FIDIC reserves the right to de-list the adjudicator.

FIDIC reserves the right to waive any of the above criteria in exceptional circumstances, but in any event will need to satisfy itself as to each applicant's suitability for listing.   


Application Procedure


The Application process involves three steps:

Step 1: Pre-Assessment

Applicants should send their complete applications and documentation to the FIDIC Secretariat for the attention of Mrs Barbara Gaeremynck ([email protected]) prior to the specific date announced on the website for the planned FIDIC Adjudicator Assessment. Each application must be in the form of a letter from the applicant addressed to the FIDIC Secretariat, not exceeding six pages, and in the format specified below, describing the applicant's academic and professional qualifications and biographical data.  The application letter should include details demonstrating compliance with the above criteria. The application must be accompanied by a letter from the sponsoring MA or FIDIC Affiliate in the format given below.  Additionally, the application should be accompanied by original letters from the proposer and seconder which describe (to the extent of their knowledge) the applicant's suitability in respect of the necessary criteria for listing.  The FIDIC Secretariat will check to ensure details are correct before passing applications to APA for pre-assessment.

The applicant should thereafter register for the pre-assessment and settle the Pre-Assessment Fee of €500. This amount is non-refundable. Upon receipt of payment, which can be made directly online through the FIDIC  website or, alternatively, by bank transfer, the FIDIC Secretariat will forward the application to APA for pre-assessment. Each applicant will be informed by FIDIC of the outcome no later than 2 months prior to the start of the Adjudicator Assessment.

Applicants who fail the pre-assessment will be notified of their failure and of the measures they should consider taking before re-applying.

Step 2:  Registration of Successful Pre-Applicants

Those Applicants who successfully pass pre-assessment will be invited to register for and attend the Adjudicator Assessment and pay an additional Assessment Fee of €1900.

Applicants should please note that persons invited to attend the Adjudicator Assessment will not automatically be entitled to inclusion on the FIDIC President’s List; all applicants must be successful in the tests, examinations and demonstrations held during the Adjudicator Assessment itself.

Applicants should note that there are limited spaces available at each Adjudicator Assessment and, if a candidate is successful in pre-application but space is not available at the next following Adjudicator Assessment, the Assessment Fees will be refunded.  The applicant will not be required to pay a further Pre-Assessment Fee and the pre-assessment status will be carried forward until the next available Adjudicator Assessment.

Candidates at the Adjudicator Assessment will be subjected to rigorous examinations, testing and demonstrations over an intensive three-day period.  Candidates will be expected to show knowledge of the FIDIC Contracts, and competence in handling difficult construction adjudications.   Adjudicator Assessments will be conducted in the English language only. The first day of the assessment will include various written examinations to verify the candidate’s familiarity with the FIDIC forms of contract and detailed understanding of the Dispute Adjudication Board (DAB) disputes procedures. The second day will be devoted to role-play activities, with attendees acting as members of DABs, giving directions and decisions orally. The first two days also include evening assignments to further test the candidate’s adjudication ability. The third day will comprise interviews and further written testing.

Step 3:  APA Recommendation

During the Adjudicator Assessment, candidates will not be given any indication of their performance. Subsequent to the Adjudicator Assessment, the APA makes recommendations to the FIDIC Executive Committee who make the final decision on who shall be invited for listing. In the event of an applicant not being assessed as suitable, the Executive Committee is not committed to give reasons for its decision. The FIDIC Secretariat will notify each attendee that he or she:

(i) has been assessed as satisfactory and will be included on the President’s List subject to compliance with any stated outstanding qualification criteria,

 (ii) has not been assessed as satisfactory.

Successful candidates will be eligible for inclusion on the President's List of Approved Adjudicators for a period of three years, after which they will be requested to re-apply by submitting an updated Letter of Application. 


Documentation needed:

Letter of Application: standard formats

For assessment and/or listing:

  1. I hereby apply to attend the FIDIC Adjudicator Assessment being held in XXXX.
  2. I hereby apply for inclusion on the FIDIC President's List of Approved Dispute Adjudicators 
  3. I hereby apply to renew my registration on the FIDIC President's List of Approved Dispute Adjudicators

a)   Family name 

b)   First name  

c)    Address 

d)   Date of birth

e)   Telephone number 

f)    E-mail address 

g)   Engineering (or equivalent) qualifications 

h)   Legal and dispute resolution training 

i)    Speciality (including branch of engineering), Curriculum Vitae (including details of employment, of experience in contract administration and dispute resolution, and of involvement on projects which incorporated FIDIC Conditions of Contract, with dates, details and types of projects)

j)    Dispute resolution experience (including as member of Dispute Adjudication Board/Dispute Review Board), with names and addresses of at least two people (can be Proposer and Seconder) who have personally witnessed the applicant’s performance as an arbitrator or adjudicator, and who may be called upon by FIDIC to provide further references as to the applicant’s suitability.

k)   Language capability 

l)    Publications 

m)  Signatures of Applicant, Proposer and Seconder 


Sponsoring Letter from a FIDIC Member: standard format 

From an official of a FIDIC Member Association or Affiliate Member (members are listed on the FIDIC website). 

Please find enclosed an application from [applicant's name] .... for entry on the FIDIC President's List of Approved Dispute Adjudicators. The .... [MA or Affiliate's name] ... wishes to propose.... [applicant's name] .... for entry on the President’s List and I hereby attest that the applicant is a registered member of .... [Member's name] .... The details of the application are correct to the best of my knowledge and belief. 

Applicants are to send the sponsor’s letter, the application letter and two reference letters (by a proposer and seconder) to the FIDIC Secretariat.


Proposer's Letter: standard format

 From a person who has particular knowledge of the applicant's personal skills and abilities.

(To accompany the Sponsor’s Letter sent by an official of a FIDIC Member Association or Affiliate Member).

I hereby propose ....[applicant's name].... for entry on the FIDIC President's List of Approved Dispute Adjudicators. I hereby declare that the details of the application are correct to the best of my knowledge and belief…… [Member's name].


Seconder's Letter: standard format

From a person who has a particular knowledge of the applicant's personal skills and abilities and who satisfies the membership criteria,

(To accompany the Proposer’s Letter sent by an official of a FIDIC Member Association, or Affiliate Member).

I hereby second ....[applicant's name].... for entry on the FIDIC President's List of Approved Dispute Adjudicators. I hereby declare that the details of the application are correct to the best of my knowledge and belief……..[Member's name].  


Fees for Pre-Assessment, Adjudicators Assessment Workshop and Renewal

Pre-Assessment fee: €500 (non-refundable) - subject to change

Adjudicator Assessment registration fee: €1900 (non-refundable) - subject to change

Fee for triennial Renewal of Retention on the President's List:  €150 (non-refundable) - subject to change

An application for Assessment (see above) should be forwarded to FIDIC by the applicant, along with the supporting documentation accompanied by the reference letters from the two supporters (a proposer and a seconder - see above for format of letters) who have particular knowledge of the applicant's personal skills and abilities. The application must be signed by the applicant and each supporter, and each of these three people must declare that the details of the application are correct to the best of their knowledge and belief.

A triennial review of the listed adjudicators will be carried out by APA through the FIDIC Secretariat.  Those listed will be asked to reconfirm their willingness to remain listed (with suitable supporting material), accompanied by an invoice covering the requisite renewal fee of €150. 


Application Checklist

- Letter of Application Format
                                            Applicant's signature
                                            Proposer's signature
                                            Seconder's signature
- Nominating Letter for a Member Format
                                            Signature of official of a FIDIC Member Association or Affiliate Member

- Proposer's Letter Format          Membership status
- Seconder's Letter Format         Membership status

- Application/Workshop Fee       Credit card details or proof of payment by bank transfer

Further information

For information and applications, please contact:

Mrs Barbara Gaeremynck ([email protected])
FIDIC: International Federation of Consulting Engineers (FIDIC)
P.O. Box 311, CH-1215 Geneva 15
Telephone: +41-22-799 49 00
E-mail: [email protected]

New Assessments

At the moment FIDIC is redesigning its procedures of assessment. All Assessments of Adjudicators are currently on hold.
When the new rules will be ready, they will be announced on FIDIC web site.
We invite you to regularly visit our web site to be informed of FIDIC new plans.