Contracts Committee (CC)

Responsible FIDIC Board Members

- Aisha Nadar, Sweden  (Primary responsibility)
- Liu Luobing, People's Republic of China (Secondary responsibility)


- Zoltán Záhonyi, Hungary (Chair)
- Des Barry, Ireland
- Adam Bialachowski, Poland
- Deryl L. Earsom, USA
- Siobhan Fahey, Ireland
- Vincent Leloup, France
- Kaj Möller, Sweden
- Matthias Neuenschwander, Switzerland
- Mike Roberts, UK

Special Advisors

- Nael Bunni, (Special Adviser) Ireland
- Axel-V. Jaeger (Special Adviser), Germany
- Christopher R. Seppala (Legal Adviser), France
- Christopher Wade (Special Adviser), UK


The Contracts Committee (CC) recommend to the FIDIC Board which Conditions of Contract and related documents should be prepared or updated by FIDIC. It assists the Secretariat in establishing task groups as required, to monitor their work at agreed intervals and to carry out a final review of the documents for submission to the Executive Committee. Additionally, the CC assist the Secretariat in handling queries on the interpretation of documents. 

The Contracts Committee liaise, in conjunction with the Secretariat, with organizations interested in FIDIC Conditions of Contract.

The Contracts Committee is supported at various times by different task groups as needed. Some of the current Task Groups include:

  • Task Group on DBO Form of Contract and Guide                                                                    
  • Task Group on Procurement Procedures Guide             
  • Task Group on Consultancy Agreements
  • Task Group on Update of 1999 Suite  
  • Task Group on Update of Dredging & Reclamation Works Form of Contract (with IADC)
  • Task Group on Update of Short Form of Contract         
  • Task Group on YB/SB Subcontract Forms
  • Task Group on Tunnelling Contract (with ITA)
  • Task Group on ODB Form of Contract
  • Task Group on Glossary of Terms