Membership Committee (MemC)

Responsible FIDIC Board Members

Liu Luobing

People's Republic of China
Primary responsibility

Reyes Juárez del Angel

Secondary responsibility


Moncef Ziani (Chair)


Parisa Borjian


Patrick-Yann Darto


Mandana Cont


Tian Feng


Italo Goyzueta

FIDIC Deputy Director

Naki Tetteh


The Membership Committee (MemC) is tasked with several objectives:

I. Potential Member Associations in new countries

The MemC identifies countries where there is an identifiable consulting engineering industry and investigate whether there is an existing consulting engineering industry association. If so, the MemC makes contacts to see if there is interest from the local association to becoming a member of FIDIC. The Committee works with the local association to develop a strategy and program for bringing the potential Member Associations into FIDIC.

II. Existing Member Associations

Some Member Associations are not representative of the industry in country (the Member Association only represents a small fraction of the consulting engineering firms of the country within its membership- the aim should be 50% minimum). The MemC works to identify any “minority” Member Associations in the country to discuss the problem with them and the FIDIC Secretariat. The goal is to establish a strategy to address the issue and encourage a merger or “umbrella” organisations to best represent the industry in country.

Some Member Associations may understate membership numbers. The MemC assists the FIDIC Secretariat and Subscription Fees Committee to establish accurate data for all Member Associations. Where there is understatement, the MemC facilitates conversations with members to reach an agreement to put it right.

The MemC helps Member Associations who are facing management issues within the FIDIC membership and helps to facilitate capacity development.

III. Member Firms: minimum standards

There is a perception, even in developed economy countries, that there is a wide variance in the “professionalism” of consulting engineering firms. This variance is even more marked between the consulting engineering firms of different countries within the global economy.

The MemC promotes available FIDIC principles and international standards among Member Associations and firms. The committee is responsible of informing the relevant committees and task groups working with FIDIC standards about regional or international trends in the industry.

IV. Affiliate Membership

The MemC promotes Affiliate Membership among firms that wish to support the objectives of the Federation and that cannot apply to national Member Associations. FIDIC Affiliates can bring benefits to both FIDIC and to Member Associations.



Italo Goyzueta

Deputy Director

For further information about the work of FIDIC's committees email FIDIC deputy director Italo Goyzueta

+41 22 799 4909

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