Business Practice Committee (BPC)

Responsible Executive Committee Members

- Anthony Barry, Australia  (Primary responsibility)
- William Howard, USA      (Secondary responsibility)

- Kiran Kapila, India           (Secondary responsibility)


- Andrew Read, New Zealand (Chair)
- Rick Prentice, Canada
- Samarjit Chatterjee, India
- Fatma Cölasan, Turkey
- David DeLizza, USA
- Kaoru Kariya, Japan 

- Chris Newcomb, Canada
- Peter Rauch, Switzerland
- Mark Steiner, USA
- Shahram Sandiani, Iran

- Alejandro Varón Tischer, Spain (FIDIC YPF)
- Jan Van der Putten, Belgium (EFCA)

The Business Practice Committee (BPC) seek input from Member Associations on business issues of key interest to their member firms. They then identify those issues which FIDIC can contribute original work or can co-ordinate and present existing global knowledge on specific issues.


The BPC develop best practices guides, etc., and recommend to the Executive Committee delivery mechanisms for the products.  They recommend creation of task groups to develop products where this is the most effective way to address an issue. The BPC monitor developments in key areas and provide relevant information to Member Associations such areas include Risk Identification and Management, Insurance Trends, Practice Management, QBS, QMS, etc.


BPC Task Groups

* Contractors Selection Project (B. Howard- FIDIC EC liason, K. Kapila, India- Chair, C. Newcomb, Canada, S. Sandiani, Iran, M. Steiner, USA, P. Long, Canada, F. Colasan, Turkey, A. Read, New Zealand)

* Definition of Services Guidelines (A. Read, New Zealand, R. Prentice, Canada, D.DeLizza, USA, C. Newcomb, Canada

* Quality Based Selection (F. Colasan, Turkey, C. Newcomb, Canada, U. Sassarsson, Denmark (EFCA))


Procurement Policy Sub Committee

- Aisha Nadar, Sweden ( Chair)

- Eric Cook, USA

- Dr. Nael Bunni, Ireland

- Cremona Cotovelea, Romania

- Ines Ferguson (Spain)

FIDIC Guide to Practice - Business of a professional services firm

Quality Based Selection (QBS) Guidelines (2011)

FIDIC Guidelines for the Selection of Consultants, 2nd Edition, 2013

Improving the Quality of Construction - a guide for actions, 2004

Definition of Services Guidelines (Building Construction) 2009