Briefing on FIDIC Certified Consulting Engineer (FCCE) Pilot Program

Enhancing the knowledge and understanding the important role of consulting engineers in discharging their professional responsibilities and improving the quality of life of all citizens is one of the fundamental objectives of FIDIC and all its member of associations.

The FCCE Pilot Programme, as a collective body of knowledge representing best practices in the consulting engineering industry, represents the international standard for consulting engineers who wish to understand the basic principles and practices of FIDIC, as presented in a unique set of training modules.

This programme is recognized by FIDIC as playing a significant part in its own Capacity Building Programme, as well as pushing forward other core FIDIC principles designed to promote the important role of consulting engineers in the transparent development of sustainable infrastructure, thereby contributing positively to our Quality of Life. As such, this programme represents one of the most significant activities ever undertaken by FIDIC, and potentially one that can be applied globally, to benefit the engineering consulting industry. 


FIDIC Certified Consulting Engineer (FCCE) Pilot Program is a cooperative undertaking between the International Federation of Consulting Engineers (FIDIC) and China National Association of Engineering Consultants (CNAEC). It is a pilot program to educate Chinese consulting engineers on the FIDIC Body of Knowledge. It was formally established in March 2011, and is the first of its kind supported by FIDIC, and also the first and only international professional certification program that is officially approved by the State Council of China.