FIDIC highlights need for climate change action following Australian bushfires

14 Jan 2020

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Future generations deserve a focused effort to tackle climate change, says FIDIC.

FIDIC’s president and chief executive have highlighted the need for global action on climate change in the wake of the bushfires which have caused devastation and loss of life across Australia.

In a message to FIDIC’s 102 global member associations, the organisation’s president Bill Howard said that with increasing frequency, devastating natural disasters are occurring across the globe. “This is a clear indicator of the seriousness of the problems brought by climate change and the compelling need to do more to find solutions,” said Howard.

FIDIC chief executive Dr Nelson Ogunshakin said that FIDIC has been very concerned about climate change for many years consistent with its strong commitment to sustainability. “FIDIC and European engineering consultancy association EFCA have had a joint sustainable development committee for many years and we are currently refocusing the group with EFCA taking on sustainable development issues in Europe and FIDIC continuing to focus on global issues,” Ogunshakin said.

FIDIC is beefing up its sustainability expertise by seeking talented individuals to join its sustainable development committee to help bolster its efforts to tackle climate change. Interested parties should register their interest by emailing [email protected]

Howard said that FIDIC’s efforts on climate change included the publication of its State of the World reports, which would include information, procedures and policies to help address climate change and reduce the impact of natural disasters. “We also continue to support the UN Sustainable Development Goals and we are always seeking forums to let the world know about the contributions which the engineering profession can make to achieve them,” Howard said.

The FIDIC president also said that the organisation was standing by to assist its fellow global citizens in Australia and also those in other areas affected by natural disasters. “Our thoughts and prayers are with them and we wish them the very best in their times of need. FIDIC remains committed to help in any way we can,” he said.

FIDIC’s board is due to discuss how best to harness and focus the organisation’s combined efforts at its next meeting on 6-7 February in Tokyo. “By uniting and focusing our efforts we can make a difference - we owe our own and future generations no less,” said Ogunshakin.

Photo by Michael Held on Unsplash.

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