Atkins project manager Jyothsna Amrith from Denmark wins FIDIC’s 2023 Future Leaders Award

15 Sep 2023

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Jyothsna Amrith, a project manager from Atkins in Denmark, has been unveiled by FIDIC as the winner of its 2023 Future Leaders Award at a glittering gala dinner event held on 12 September 2023 in Singapore.

The FIDIC Future Leaders Awards acknowledge and promote the outstanding achievements of future leaders in the consulting engineering industry worldwide and also encourage effective participation of future leaders in FIDIC. Commenting on the 2023 awards, outgoing FIDIC president Tony Barry said that this year the competition was tougher than ever with a record number of entries in the awards. “The increasing number of entries for these prestigious awards is an indication of the growing importance given to the FIDIC Future leaders programme and the high regard in which these awards are rightly held,” he said.

Barry said that the judges were unanimous in choosing a clear winner of this year’s award. “The judges were very impressed by Jyothsna’s well-written submission. She showed a real capacity to solve problems and demonstrated a wide range of work. There was a real commitment and passion to everything that she did and she showed consistently high scores in her submission. Its content showed that Jyothsna is a well-rounded person – with solid work in their communities, in FIDIC member associations, great leadership style, a real all-rounder and multidimensional.

“Our winner demonstrated an extraordinary richness and intensity of activity spanning the technical and leadership roles that she has had. Identifying herself as a leader early on, she has taken opportunities to expand her leadership capabilities. The great talent for languages she has is also brilliant to see. Her study and track record are very, very impressive and there is no doubt that Jyothsna Amrith is a very worthy winner of the 2023 FIDIC Future leaders Award.”

Commenting on her success, Jyothsna Amrith said: “I am honoured to with the FIDIC Future Leaders Award for 2023. This recognition holds a special place in my heart as it celebrates not only my professional journey but also my unique global perspective of working in several countries. My journey has taken me across incredible countries. I was born in the vibrant and diverse nation of India, had the privilege of being employed in the UK and then Denmark, a country known for its innovation and sustainable practices. The last few years in Norway has also enriched my understanding of global engineering practices and the importance of cultural diversity in the field.

“After 13 rewarding years at several Atkins offices, we now transition to SYSTRA in Denmark and I'm eager to be part of this new chapter in our journey. This award serves as a reminder of the incredible journey so far and the exciting opportunities that lie ahead. I'm deeply honoured and excited to continue my contributions to the world of engineering and infrastructure.”

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