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World Urban Campaign / FIDIC Webinar: The City We Need & Urban Solutions

8 July, 2016


20 October, 2015
360.00 €

FIDIC Webinar "Proven approaches to sustainable engineering: collaborating to transform the infrastructure that shapes society"

10 September, 2014

The Project Sustainability Logbook - The Repertoire 2013

The Repertoire 2013, in PDF fromat, Provides additional information on possible reference frameworks that might be taken into consideration for the project or programme for each of the PSL issues or objectives. The information covers, at the international and European levels, existing legislation, standards, the main assessment/rating systems and related benchmarking tools.

The Project Sustainability Logbook - Monitoring tables 2013 in Excel format

Supplied as an Excel workbook with a right-of-use license. An overall monitoring worksheet and a worksheet for each of the operational phases are completed, routinely updated and archived in order to monitor the project or programme.

The Project Sustainability Logbook - User's Instructions 2013

The PSL USERS' INSTRUCTIONS 2013, in PDF format, provides examples of use of monitoring tables during operational phases (planning, design, construction, operation and end-of-life): Operational response, Parameters and indicators, Outcomes.

Rethink Cities - White Paper 2013

A FIDIC/EFCA White Paper on sustainable urban development through a holistic approach: cooperation, systems and synergies

The Project Sustainability Logbook - 1st Edition 2013

The aim behind the 2013 Project Sustainability Logbook (PSL) is to accompany a built asset or a group of designated buildings, infrastructure facilities and physical plant of a component of the urban environment (for example, a city district or a city block, respectively) or is designed to meet a specific urban function (for example, public transport or water supply). The Logbook, comprising a series of tables, offers a method of defining and monitoring the issues and objectives of sustainable development for a specific project or programme. To acces and use the logbook fully get the The Project Sustainability Logbook (PSL) 2013 TOOLBOX collection.

Project Sustainability Management - Applications Manual - 2nd edition 2013

This 2nd edition of  the Project Sustainability Management, PSM II, is  first and foremost a list of core issues that engineers should consider when carrying out projects in a sustainable way, backed up by a number of processes for the broad inclusion of stakeholder input. Each item on the list brings with it a set of perspectives, which are the sustainability considerations that affect the way these issues should be considered on the project. A good part of this manual consists of descriptions of these perspectives and an indication of possible project responses as well as logical links between the perspectives of different issues.

The Project Sustainability Logbook - 2012 Seoul conference draft edition

The Project Sustainability Logbook aims to accompany built assets through all stages of its life by means of benchmarks that are updated regularly. The version available is the draft version circulated at the last FIDIC World Engineering Conference which took place in Seoul last September 2012.

This version is for you to download for a 1 symbolic Euro so we keep track of the interested community. If this document is of interest for one of your project FIDIC would be happy to share a printable version with you and get your feedback. Contact the secretariat for more details using the website contact form.


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