Contracts: advanced questions


Final Certificate and due payment date
Appointing an Engineer
Model Terms of Appointment of a DAB
Basis for advice
How to get advice
Definition of unforseeable
Role of the Engineer
Extension of Time
Standard Letters
Definition of Cost Reimbursable
Requirement for a CPM schedule
Engineer's response
Payment by a third party
Where to start to find out about FIDIC contracts
FIDIC contracts are copyrighted
I would like to scan a FIDIC contract
Differences between contracts
Accusations of impartiality
Prime cost items
Lien contractor
Extension of time
Failure during the maintenance period
Subcontractor contract
Role for supervision consultant or construction manager

Red Book (Civil Engineering; 4th Ed. 1987)

Remeasurement modified to Lump Sum
Subcontrcator's experience
Free-issue materials
Bogus claims
Appointing an Engineer
Standard Letters
Appendix to Tender data mission (continued)
Fairness of deductions
Liquidated Damages
Value Engineering sub-clause
Additional works
New rates
Appendix to Tender data missing
Engineer's decision
Calculation of claims
Not in pre-handover list
Additional payments
New rates for remeasurement
Termination before completion
Employer replaces the Contractor
Delayed payment
Expiry of Defects Liability Period
Performance security
Priority of tender documents
Obtaining Contract Data
Interim certificates
Refixing of rate
Recovery of Costs
Engineer's instructions
Variations exceeding 15 percent of the effective Contract Sum (Clause 52.3)
Unit rates
Additional sum for replacement cost
Excess quantities of work (Sub-clause 52.3)
Free haulage
Enforcing a claim
New rate or price
New BoQ rates
New variation order
Instructions to vary the Works
Fixing of a new rate (Red4: 52.2)
Undue delay for claims
Payment on a Clause 63.2 valuation
When is payment made
Statutory declaration
Final and binding DAB decision
Lump sum calculation
New rate for an increased quantity

Orange Book (Design-Build and Turnkey)

Obtaining permits
Underestimated work
Late completion
Notice of Claim
The best design-build contract to use

Yellow Book (Electrical and Mechanical Works)

Taking over delayed
Final Certificate and due payment date
Lump-sum contract: revert to cost plus
Negative variation not issued
Alternative solutions
Multiple copies

Construction, Plant, EPCT 1999 Contracts

Deducting delay damages
Adjustment Formula
Adjustment of a coefficient
Differences between FIDIC 4th Edition 1987 and Construction 1st Edition 1999
Employer's Entitlement to Termination
Free-issue materials
Definition of unforseeable
Role of the Engineer
Definition of Cost Reimbursable
Extension of Time
Time limit for delay damages
Applicability of changed rates
Priority of documents
Delay damages if the Employer experiences no damage
Contractor increasing overhead and profit
Delay for payment of interim payments
Employer's right to vary
Interim Payment Certificate refused
Claims owing to a change in regulation or legislation
Increased scope of work under a variation order
Bonus payments for early or accelerated completion
Insuring the Works
Preparation of drawings
Establishing overhead costs
Delivery of a taking over certificate
Failure to give notice of the Commencement Date
Defects Notification Period
New rate or price
Status of Yellow Book (Design-Build and Turnkey Contract)
When to use Plant Contract or Construction Contract
Differences between Plant Contract (1999) and Yellow Book (1995)
Deductions: what are they?
Cost adjustment and inflation
Scope of indices in table of adjustment date
Direct payment to Contractors
Which contract
Conflict of interest of a supplier
Particular Conditions for UK Housing Grant Act
EU use of FIDIC contracts
Insuring againast loss or damage
Transfer of liability
Is a guarantee needed if the Owner is responsible customs clearance?
Measured quantities under lump sum Construction Contract
Tenderer forgets to submit the Appendix to Tender
Delayed damages
Revised BOQ Rates
Public authority
Appointing a DAB
Contractors' reminders
Contractor rights
Commencement Date
New rate (Sub-clause 12.3 Evaluation)
Manufacturer's warranty
Engineer's role in the event of a dispute
Right to vary and rate of progress
Remedying defects
Contractor's Claims
Contractor's claims
Implementing a DAB decision
Price escalation
Change in legislation
Weather in Force Majeure
PI insurance
Increased scope of work 

MDB Harmonised Construction May 2005 Contract

MDB publication
Coefficents and use on non-bank funded projects
Harmonised Plant Contract

MDB Harmonised Construction Contract

Taking-over Certificate
Employer's equipment, Documents, Authority and Replacement of Engineer