Global Voice of Consulting Engineers

FIDIC supports the development of a sustainable world as the recognised Global Voice for the consulting engineering industry

FIDIC speaks for the Global Consulting Engineering Industry.  FIDIC Member Associations speaks for their country industry.  Together, they explore opportunities to strengthen that voice in order to support the objectives of Governments and society and share with them international best practice. Together they pursue an improved Quality of Life for everyone.

FIDIC ensures that the consultant engineering industry is represented to the Multilateral Development Banks (MDB). FIDIC meets regularly with all the Multilateral Development Banks and is pleased to be part of the current World Bank review of its procurement policies and procedures. In these discussions, FIDIC continues to stress the need for policies and procedures which will ensure effective development, and that the right projects are being procured, based on quality, sustainability and integrity. Such reforms will likely impact on our business worldwide.

FIDIC represents consulting engineers internationally with one voice as trusted advisors, dedicated to quality and sustainable solutions. Sustainable Infrastructure is vital to our Quality of Life and the key advisors to help determine the correct investment choice are consulting engineers. Quality Based Selection (QBS) has been promoted by FIDIC for many years, as it emphasizes the importance of selecting Consultancy Firms on the basis of qualification, experience, professionalism and integrity, rather than price. The advice of the consulting engineer should be regarded as an asset investment, not a project cost.

FIDIC advocates professional ethics and integrity to combat corruption, still one of the major impediments to good investment in infrastructure. FIDIC’s Integrity Management System (FIMS) most accurately reflects the importance of Business Integrity embedded in an organization’s operations. FIMS is leading the way in identifying the business risks for consulting engineers, and in managing those risks.