Louis Prangey Award 2013

FIDIC celebrated its 100 years of exsitence at the Centennial Gala during the FIDIC Centenary Conference in September 2013. The Louis Prangey Award was presented by FIDIC President, Geoff French, to Ms Fatma Çölasan (Turkey) for her voluntary services to FIDIC since 1992. The prestigious award was handed over by Olivia Prangey, great grand daughter of Louis Prangey, founder President of FIDIC in 1913.

F. Çölasan receiving the Louis Prangey Award at the FIDIC Centennial Gala in Barcelona

The FIDIC President recognised Fatma for more than 20 years of continuous commitment and involvement in the development of various FIDIC publications, policies and events.

 Fatma Çölasan has contributed to FIDIC in the following committees and activities:

  • Member of the FIDIC Client-Consultant Relationships Committee (1993-1996): White Book Guide.
  • Main organiser of the FIDIC Istanbul Conference in 1995
  • Member of the FIDIC Executive Committee (1996-2000): General administration of the Federation and new FIDIC policies (she is the only female EC member elected in hundred years of FIDIC’s existence)
  • Member of the FIDIC Integrity Management Committee (1999-2004): FIDIC Business Integrity Management System and the relevant  Training Manual
  • Member of the FIDIC Capacity Building Committee (1998-2002): ‘FIDIC Capacity Building’ booklet
  • Mentor of the FIDIC Young Professionals Forum (2007-2008)
  • Member of the FIDIC Business Practice Committee (2000-present): FIDIC Guidelines For The Selection of Consultants-First Edition 2003 & Second Edition 2013, being the Chair of Consultant Selection Task Force; FIDIC new QBS Book-First Edition 2011; and QBS Marketing Strategy Draft Paper 2013, being the Chair of the QBS Task Force group,
  • Workshop moderator/speaker on FIDIC conferences in various cities of the world including Acapulco, Davos, Munich, Ankara, Seoul, New Delhi, Dakka, Istanbul, Teheran and Barcelona.

Ms Çölasan is at present owner of an engineering company in Ankara-Turkey, Past President of the Association of Turkish Consulting Engineers and Architects (FIDIC Member Association), Chair of the Technical Consultancy Assembly of the Turkish Chambers and Commodity Exchanges, member of the EFCA Internal Market Committee in addition to her continuing voluntary assignments in FIDIC.