Webinar to focus on taking a collaborative approach to tackling corruption

27 Nov 2023

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FIDIC’s integrity management committee and Ernst & Young (EY) have joined forces to demonstrate the importance and responsibility of a collective approach to fighting corruption.

A webinar on Thursday 7 December 2023, organised to coincide with the UN’s International Anti-Corruption Day which takes place on 9 December and sponsored by FIDIC's webinar strategic partner Bentley Systems, will be the first in a series of three events where FIDIC and EY will demonstrate the importance of anti-corruption activities at all levels, from the individual to the nation state and show how people can play their part in advocating for integrity.

Beginning with the International Anti-Corruption Day 2023 event, Taking a collaborative approach to tackling corruption, and ending on International Anti-Corruption Day 2024, FIDIC and EY will provide webinar attendees with guidance on current and upcoming trends in the battle for integrity in the global engineering, construction and infrastructure sector.

Richard Stump, vice president of R S & H and chair of FIDIC’s integrity management committee, said: “2023 finds the planet at a crossroads for fighting corruption. With rapidly changing situations in the politics, technologies, security and safety of many people around the world and industry’s continued struggle against corruption in the built environment, the importance of collective action against corrupt actors has never been greater.”

Attendees joining the webinar on 7 December will learn about the history of EY’s Global Integrity Report and its upcoming 2024 publication, regional challenges across LATAM, Africa and the US/UK, due diligence in professional supply chains and tools for success. The webinar series will also focus on building accountability, how to empower whistle-blowers in the fight against corruption, enhancing integrity through effective due diligence on third parties and how to safeguard digital infrastructure in the battle against corruption.

The theme of International Anti-Corruption Day 2023 is Engage in Transparency: Advocate for transparency and accountability in government and business practices. The day will highlight the crucial link between anti-corruption and peace, security and development with the notion that tackling this crime is the right and responsibility of everyone and that only through cooperation and the involvement of each and every person and institution can the negative impact of this crime be overcome.

The 2023 International Anti-Corruption Day also commemorates the 20th anniversary of the UN Convention against Corruption and the day and the FIDIC/EY webinar will celebrate this milestone as well as reflecting on the positive changes brought about by the collective efforts driven by the convention.

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