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NelsonFIDIC Collaborative Contracting Survey


Task Group 17 (TG 17 – click here to read more about TG 17) of the FIDIC contracts committee is working on a collaborative form of contract(s) to add to the FIDIC suite by 2023. Through the survey below (closing date 18 March 2022), TG 17 wants to test, verify and challenge specific elements of the set-up of the model it is preparing by considering feedback from users of standard contract forms regarding local and jurisdictional matters (especially those not represented in TG 17) while gathering insights from experiences of users of collaborative forms of contract as well as identifying the needs, preferences and blockers to use. Collaborative forms of contract are categorized by users as relational contracts, which promote aligned purpose, continuous dialogue, good faith and cooperative attitudes, early warnings, risk and opportunity sharing within and early involvement of the supply chain and collaborative contracting targets.

TG 17 invites you to answer the questions in the attached survey and where possible, please elaborate your experiences and the needs, expectations and blockers where there is a free text option.

Please submit your entry using the online survey below by 31 March 2022. Where you prefer to elaborate in other than English, please feel free to do so in a language recognised in Deepl/Google Translate, in which case TG 17 will translate your input to English for further internal review. Do note that the translation will not be returned to survey participants for checking prior to use by TG17. Your answers and the fact that you have contributed to the survey will be received, stored and used only for internal discussions within TG 17 and FIDIC, and will be treated confidentially and according to the FIDIC Privacy and Cookie Policy.

We thank you for your kindness to share your experiences with us

With best wishes,

Dr Nelson Ogunshakin FICE, OBE

Chief Executive, FIDIC