FIDIC Contract Users' Newsletter - Issue 7: July 2021

12 Jul 2021

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FIDIC Contract Users’ Newsletter – Issue 7: July 2021


The latest issue of the FIDIC Contract Users’ Newsletter is now out and available for download as a PDF or viewing on our digital publishing platform, Issuu.

As usual, this latest issue includes news and information about FIDIC contracts, how they are being used across the global construction industry and updates on some of the latest developments affecting FIDIC contracts.

Highlights in Issue 7 of the FIDIC Contract Users’ Newsletter include: -

  • News of the latest contract translations that are improving the reach of FIDIC contracts across the global construction sector.
  • The strengthening of the FIDIC contracts committee with five new members.
  • Details of the new Official FIDIC Contracts Users’ Group on LinkedIn.
  • An update on a record-breaking FIDIC contracts webinar.
  • News of new agreements signed with MDBs and FIDIC building stronger links with IFIs.
  • A report on the first Official FIDIC Contract Users’ Conference.
  • An update on the FIDIC Contracts Users’ Awards 2021.
  • Information on organisations that have signed licences to use FIDIC contracts

. . . and much more!

If you use FIDIC contracts or are interested in international construction contracts more generally then make sure you click on the link below to read or download the latest issue of the FIDIC Contract Users’ Newsletter.

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