COVID-19 webinar series

Global Leadership Forum Webinar Programme


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#1 COVID-19: Member Associations, response, challenges and advocacy

This session is targeted at FIDIC member associations and their members to better understand how MAs are responding but also how to adapt their activities going forward given COVID 19. This webinar will, therefore, discuss responses from the global level down to national market examples.  

Date and time

7 April 2020, 12noon - 1.30pm CET 


#2 COVID-19: and its impact on contracts, supply and labour, activities on site and dealing with Force Majeure

This webinar will explore how COVID 19 could impact various aspects of projects including supply and labour, health and safety requirements, activities on site, and performance. Contractual issues including force majeure clauses as well as other relevant clauses in FIDIC forms of contract will be discussed.

Date and time

9 April 2020, 12noon - 1.30pm CET 


#3 COVID-19: Impact on JV transactions

Many projects involve parties working in joint ventures. Whilst under normal day to day circumstances these can deliver significant benefits to projects, crises such as COVID 19 put additional strain and pressure on such arrangements. This webinar will explore possible impacts of COVID 19 on such structures within the FIDIC forms of contract.

Date and time

14 April 2020, 12noon - 1.30pm CET 


#4 COVID-19: Consultancy agreements and the role of engineers within projects

Contractual relationships within the projects is such that the consulting engineer is engaged under the consultancy agreement by the client and is performing the Engineer’s duties under the Contract between the Employer and the Contractor. This webinar will include a discussion of various issues which consulting engineers may face while executing consultancy agreements with their clients and performing the role of the Engineer during the pandemic.

Date and time

16 April 2020, 12noon - 1.30pm CET 


#5 COVID-19: Insurance coverage, what security it provides for liability, business interruption, etc.

Insurance and liability are key pillars of understanding and managing risk and are key within the standard FIDIC forms of Contract and is vital for project security. This webinar will explore how insurance and liability issues within the FIDIC forms of contract may operate during the Covid19 pandemic.

Date and time

21 April 2020, 12noon - 1.30pm CET 


#6 COVID-19: ADR and the role of dispute avoidance

During the pandemic, an increase in disputes may well occur. This webinar will explore the role of dispute resolution in helping to avoid disputes and manage the impacts of the COVID 19 crisis including a discussion on the possible impact to the ongoing ADR proceedings.  

Date and time

23 April 2020, 12noon - 1.30pm CET 


#7 COVID-19: How lockdown is enabling more digital and remote working

Companies are already working on BIM software/platform (PaaS) from cloud servers, enabling collaborative work from anywhere (including home). Site feedback is further investigated/tested using drones and all the RFID/digital tracking of the supply chain, etc. This webinar explores how the industry can best use and collaborate with such tools going forward.

Date and time

5 May 2020, 12noon - 1.30pm CET 



#8 COVID-19: Managing employment relationships, employees and health & safety requirements

This webinar will explore what various companies are doing and what can be done to protect your employees from the virus while reasonably meeting contractual obligations.

Date and time

7 May 2020, 12noon - 1.30pm CET 


#9 COVID-19: Defending your balance sheet, securing your business’s financial position and ensuring liquidity

The Covid-19 crisis has exposed the fragility of several company’s balance sheets. With some industries running off a capital balance that only allows for a few months’ operation or where debt covenants are easily breached, it is vital for companies to understand their business and financial risks and also develop responses to the current crisis. 

This webinar will explore a range of issues associated with companies’ balance sheets and liquidity during the crisis and offer ideas on how to secure a business’s financial position to ensure liquidity going forward.

Date and time

12 May 2020, 12noon - 1.30pm CET 


#10 COVID-19: Developing crisis response plans an industry perspective

The Covid-19 crisis and its rapid escalation has affected every business in every corner of the world. Whilst businesses always use their best endeavours to plan for various risks, this does not mean that crises do not occur or that sudden or unforeseen events can take place that cause business dislocation and challenges. 

The unknown and not being prepared for it, is in fact the only known that is certain and no one could have predicted the fall-out from the Covid-19 global pandemic. 

Date and time

14 May 2020, 12noon - 1.30pm CET 


#11 COVID-19: Communicating your response both internally and externally

The Covid-19 crisis has placed significant pressures on all businesses wherever they operate in the world. Communicating well during a crisis is critical. Having a plan is one thing but being able to communicate that plan so that it is effective, both amongst internal staff and external stakeholders and managing this process, is very different. 

This webinar will explore how to best communicate your response to the Covid-19 crisis both internally and externally to ensure that your staff, clients and customers know what to expect from your response.  

Date and time

18 May 2020, 12noon - 1.30pm CET 


#12 COVID-19: Kick-starting the economy – lessons learned from what governments are doing around the world

Since the financial crisis in 2007/08, there has not been a crisis serious enough to warrant a wholesale economic stimulus . . . until now. Covid-19 is therefore not only one of the greatest health risks facing global citizens, it is also one of the most severe economic challenges the world has ever faced.

This webinar will explore the responses that have been provided by governments and international NGOs across the globe and will look at how these responses will impact the infrastructure industry going forward.

Date and time

20 May 2020, 12noon - 1.30pm CET 


#13 The role of international finance institutions and the exit from COVID-19

International finance institutions such as multilateral development banks play a vital role in investment into infrastructure and social initiatives. As such, they are uniquely positioned to be able to provide assistance with the exit from COVID 19.

This webinar will explore these organisations’ current activities, planned activities and what more could be done to support countries and projects across the globe as the world emerges from the coronavirus pandemic and begins its recovery journey.

Date and time

26 May 2020, 12noon - 1.30pm CET 


#14 COVID-19: Clients, investors and developers’ perspectives on the fragility of the construction and infrastructure sector

Governments and the global economy have already started reacting to the Covid-19 crisis, taking measures to defend their domestic economies and safeguard jobs. In time they will also bring forward plans for economic stimulus programmes, but how does their response to date feed into investors and clients' subsequent plans? 

This webinar will explore how government stimulus is feeding down into developers and clients’ plans for the future and what this might mean for the construction and infrastructure industry.

Date and time

28 May 2020, 12noon - 1.30pm CET 


#15 Coming out of Covid - what will the 'new normal' look like and how will we get there?

The response to Covid-19 was stark and blunt in nature. Lockdowns and border controls were erected that have never been seen before. When these controls are released, economies, businesses and individuals are unlikely simply overnight to go back to business as usual. 

Given this to be the case, this webinar will explore the potential trajectories of what may occur following a gradual shift back towards where we were prior to the pandemic and what issues may have changed forever as societies grapple with the 'new normal'.

Date and time

3 June 2020, 12noon - 1.30pm CET 

#16 Learning lessons from how countries and governments have dealt with the Covid-19 pandemic
The Covid-19 global pandemic has highlighted areas where governments have taken similar and coordinated actions to address public health issues. There is, however, an increasing economic response to the issues being caused by Covid with regards to business activity, wages, economic support etc. 

This response is similar if not larger in scale that the response to the 2009 financial crisis and shows how serious this current crisis is and its potential effects on the world. This webinar explores what different countries have done, both in response to the spread of the virus and also the subsequent economic response and looks at the lessons to be learned for future crises and for how we operate as societies going forward.

Date and time

4 June 2020, 12noon - 1.30pm CET 


#17 COVID-19: How can the infrastructure industry improve its resilience to deal with future global pandemics?

The Covid-19 crisis has shown how susceptible the world is to global pandemics. Whilst there has been lots of research previously on how the world would deal with such a crisis, the first test of such systems proved that they are not effective. 

This webinar will explore how the industry needs to learn from this experience. Should designs, operations and infrastructure be better structured in the future to avoid total lockdown? The industry should be ready to lead the way by becoming more resilient and better able to deal with future crises.

Date and time

9 June 2020, 12noon - 1.30pm CET 


#18 A pandemic that changed the world - lessons to be learned by the global infrastructure sector

This final webinar in FIDIC's popular Covid-19 series will reflect on all the lessons that have been learnt over 18 events that have attracted thousands of attendees. 

It is clear that there is massive interest in how the industry, governments and economies have responded to the global pandemic. A return to business as usual is highly unlikely when the world has been changed forever as a result of this global pandemic. Globally, we are all having to get used to a new normal. But what does this mean for the infrastructure sector and what lessons do we need to learn globally from a pandemic that changed the world.

Date and time

11 June 2020, 12noon - 1.30pm CET