FIDIC Adjudicator Details

International Client Manager

Guillaume  Sauvaget

  Country of residence: France

  Citizenship: French


Countries with experience

Other countries with experience:

Global regions

  • North America
  • East Europe
  • West Europe
  • Middle East
  • Central Asia
  • Sub Sahara Africa
  • Caribbean

Languages spoken

  • English
  • French

Construction contract experience

  • Construction Contract, 1st Ed (1999 Red Book)
  • Plant & Design-Build Contract, 1st Ed (1999 Yellow Book)

Consultancy contract experience

  • Not applicable - none of the above

Specialist contract experience

  • Not applicable - none of the above

Other contract experience

  • Station project in Central Europe: Employer’s FIDIC advisor.

CV - Services offered

  • Arbitration
  • Adjudication
  • Mediation
  • Conciliation
  • Facilitator
  • Contract Expert/specialist
  • Educational qualifications

Technical expertise

  • Building - domestic
  • Building - commercial
  • Civil Engineering - other
  • Construction law
  • Energy & Power - Fossil Fuel Systems
  • Energy & Power - Nuclear Fuel Systems
  • Infrastructure, Railways, Bridges
  • Metro railway and stations
  • Road and highways - other
  • Water - Water Supply
  • Water - Water Treatment
  • Water - Sewage Treatment
  • Waste Water - Treatment and Pumping Plant
  • Claims and variations

Short summary experiences

Guillaume Sauvaget has an extensive experience in the construction industry. _x000D_ _x000D_ Throughout his career, Guillaume has been working for more than 25 years as senior in-house legal counsel and as legal manager for the major companies in the construction industry in France and internationally. _x000D_ _x000D_ Guillaume Sauvaget has worked in over 30 countries on 5 continents and was based during his career in United States, Russian Federation, South Africa and Central Europe, continuously adding to his elaborate portfolio, which includes high profile projects such as Caspian Pipeline Project in Russian Federation or PPP highway project in Hungary. _x000D_ _x000D_ Since he joined the consultancy firm PS Consulting as a Partner in 2016, Guillaume has helped his clients with a variety of services including dispute resolution, international construction contracts negotiation, claims management and has been nominated to serve as a neutral on dispute boards._x000D_

Position and experience

Acredited mediator: No
Acredited arbitrator: No

Employment status:
Present position: Partner - PS Consulting
Previous positions:


  • Party appointed Dispute Board Member in a dispute regarding the construction of a metro in Middle East
  • Party appointed Dispute Board Member in connection with a railway project in Central Europe.
  • Mediator on a dispute regarding the construction of a hybrid power plant in Central Africa.
  • DB Secretary in an ad hoc DB regarding a road construction in Eastern Europe.
  • Party appointed Dispute Board Member in 2 standing DABs in connection with a PPP project in France.
  • Mediator on a dispute regarding a construction of a pharmaceutical laboratory under an E.P.C. contract in Senegal.
  • Dispute Board under a FIDIC Red Book
  • leading in house legal counsel on a dispute regarding the construction of a highway in Slovakia


  • FIDIC Certified Adjudicator
  • Trained Mediator with CMAP
  • Partner Leading Construction Lawyers
  • Of Counsel
  • Karila (Paris)
  • Member of the Shearman & Sterling Alumni Association
  • PS Consulting is a member of the French and US National Committees of the ICC

Qualifications, jurisdiction and discipline

  • University Paris I Panthéon - Sorbonne
  • FRANCE (Postgraduate degree
  • International Trade Law - 1988)
  • University Paris II Assas
  • FRANCE (Master of Law
  • with honours
  • specialization: Business and tax Law - 1987)