FIDIC Project Awards 2019



Aims of the Awards 

The FIDIC Awards will: 

  • promote FIDIC principles: Quality, Integrity and Sustainability
  • celebrate outstanding projects where FIDIC member firms have had a major involvement
  • help publicise the work of consulting engineering firms and the contribution they make to quality of life
  • encourage others to understand and support FIDIC principles
  • encourage the use of FIDIC contracts and guidelines 

The Awards will support the aims of the Federation which are to promote the use of international FIDIC best practices and resources.

The FIDIC Awards will be presented at the Gala Dinner during the FIDIC International Infrastructure Conference in Mexico City, Mexico on Monday 09 September 2019. More information is available at 

Award Nominations

Award nominations are open to firms that have provided the main consulting engineering services on projects of all types and all sizes. 

Submissions should come from firms or groups of firms that belong to FIDIC Member Associations & Associates, or Affiliates. All submissions should be endorsed by FIDIC Member Associations or Associates based in the country where the project is located or where the firm is based.  

Award nominations should demonstrate: 

  • innovation, quality, and professional excellence
  • the principles of transparency and integrity. FIMS or other Integrity Management Systems will be considered
  • sustainability and respect for the environment                                                                                                                          

Projects should have been in operation for at least 1 year on the closing date for submissions and should have been completed in the last 5 years. A maximum of 20 entries will be accepted from each country. If more than 20 entries are received from one country, priority will be given to those endorsed by the corresponding FIDIC MA over the ones presented by Associate Members, which in turn will have priority over those presented by Affiliates. 

Award Prizes


The headline categories for the awards will be:

  • FIDIC Outstanding Project of the Year
  • FIDIC Award of Merit

The total number of prizes to be awarded will be at the judges’ discretion. 


The judging team is comprised of the FIDIC Past Presidents, convened by the Immediate Past President. The judges will convene and rank the projects. All projects that are judged to be of particular merit will receive a FIDIC Award.     

Outline Programme



12 June 2019

Call for nominations

4 July 2019

Closing date for submission of nominations

July 2019


20 August 2019

Announcement of Merit Awards

9 September 2019

Announcement of Outstanding Projects (selected from Merit Awards) at the FIDIC Gala Dinner in Mexico City, Mexico.


Submission guidelines 

The Award Nomination Form is available online and should be submitted with: 

-        A letter from the FIDIC Member Association or Associate in the country where the project is located or where the firm is based, endorsing the submission of each project to the FIDIC Awards.

-        Up to 5 photographs of the project. The format should be JPG or JPEG in high resolution. Pictures should include only one image of the project per picture.

-        A maximum of 500 words that describe the project, the services provided by the firm, and information that demonstrates why the project should receive an award: the project’s innovation, quality, and professional excellence; the principles of transparency and integrity and; sustainability and respect for the environment. 

All nominations shall confirm the approval/agreement by the submitting firm(s) and the client(s)/owner(s) of the project. FIDIC does not take responsibility or any liability for the project nominations and the accuracy of the material submitted.

Names and information in the form and material should be typed or printed in the English language.                               

The awards will be presented at the FIDIC Awards Ceremony and Gala Dinner on the 9th of September 2019 in Mexico City during the FIDIC International Infrastructure Conference. Please register to secure your place at the event as well as to participate in the FIDIC International Infrastructure Conference 2019. More information is available on the conference website at



Barbara Gaeremynck

Head of Conference and Events

Barbara is responsible for managing FIDIC’s growing events and conference programme - including the flagship annual international infrastructure conference and awards - and shaping the federation’s future events strategy in a fast-moving and developing industry landscape. She also oversees FIDIC’s contract users’ conferences, the federation’s programme of regional conferences and committees and FIDIC’s board and corporate governance-related events.

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