FIDIC MA Excellence Awards 2019

ims of the MA Excellence Awards 

We are delighted to invite nominations for our brand new FIDIC Member Association Excellence Awards!

These awards recognise, reward and highlight the achievements and successes of our international Member Associations. We want to recognise the work you do representing the global consulting industry. The FIDIC Member Association Excellence Awards have five categories and will be awarded to celebrate the excellence of FIDIC members and how they operate in this ever-dynamic industry.

The five categories are: 

  • Best advancement of a cause, advocacy campaign or event
  • Best publication or website
  • Best diversity and inclusion initiative
  • Member Association of the Year
  • Lifetime achievement / FIDIC Ambassador Award  

The FIDIC Awards will be announced at the Gala Dinner during the FIDIC International Infrastructure Conference in Mexico City, Mexico, on Monday, 9 September 2019. More information is available at 

Award nominations 

Entry to these awards is only open to FIDIC Member Associations. Entries are welcome from any of FIDIC’s 102 global Member Associations. The entry process is by self-nomination of the Member Association and all entries will be judged based on the information supplied on the official entry form on our online awards platform. Entries can be for any events, campaigns or initiatives which have taken place between 1 April 2018 and 31 May 2019. There are no geographical restrictions regarding entries and associations from any country can enter. There is no limit to the number of entries one association can make. 

The five award categories and criteria

Best advancement of a cause, advocacy campaign or event

Entries for this award should highlight an initiative which has achieved demonstrable profile and/or benefits for the Member Association, its members or the cause or campaign as a whole.

The judges will be looking for:

- Research and a clear identification of why the initiative has been undertaken.
- Evidence of creativity, strategic approach and methods of advancing the cause.
- Success in meeting targets.
- Feedback from member firms and the wider industry.
- Evidence of how the initiative has advanced the aims of the Member Association.

Best publication or website 

Entries for this award should demonstrate online or offline publications or a website that engages its members and readers. Entries can be a single or multi-format publication. 

The judges will assess the following areas:

- Design and reader experience.
- Creativity, innovation and relevance.
- Quality and presentation of information.
- Evidence of increased readership or circulation.
- Feedback and engagement with member firms.
- Innovative content and news ways of addressing issues.
- How the publication or website has advanced the aims of the Member Association. 

Best diversity and inclusion initiative

Entries for this award should demonstrate a successful initiative or approach that has advanced the cause of diversity and inclusion in the Member Association and/or the industry.

The judges will be looking for: 

- An initiative which shows evidence of a commitment to recruiting, advancing and progressing all employees regardless of gender, ethnicity, religion or disability.
- Flexible working practices which enable employees to progress and work to their best ability.
- Strong leadership.
- Evidence of good training initiatives and mentoring programmes.
- Feedback from staff. 

Member association of the year 

This award will be given to the Member Association that shows excellence in all areas of its work and which demonstrates a clear strategy, staff and member engagement, a proven track record and excellence in management. 

The judges will be looking for:

- Evidence of recent achievements and success.
- Value for money for members.
- Success in overcoming challenges.
- Increased association profile and influence.
- Strong leadership.
- Positive feedback from member firms.
- How the Member Association’s work has advanced its aims and influence.

Lifetime achievement / FIDIC Ambassador award

This award is bestowed upon any individual working for a Member Association or member firm for his/her substantial contributions to FIDIC and/or the consulting engineering industry. Nominees can be made by Member Associations or FIDIC.



FIDIC will assemble a high-calibre panel of judges, representing association and business expertise from key sectors to attribute the awards. This will ensure that experienced professionals will assess all entries and ensure that the winners of the awards can be confident that they have demonstrated excellence in their given field and are receiving deserved international recognition for their achievement.

The judging team is comprised of the following individuals.

- FIDIC CEO or President
- A Member Association ex-CEO
- A past FIDIC President
- Young Professionals representative
- Industry figure (not a member) 

The judges reserve the right, without prior consent of the entrant, to move entries to different categories if they feel it is more appropriate. The judges’ decision is final, and no correspondence will be entered into and no reasons given for decisions. Judges will absent themselves from any discussions where they have a vested interest or where there is a conflict of interest. All information provided to judges will be used solely for the purposes of assessing the entries. Potentially sensitive information will not be made public. 

Outline programme



12 June 2019

Call for nominations

4 July 2019

Closing date for submission of nominations

20 August

Shortlisted entrants will be notified

 9 September

 Announcement of winners at the FIDIC Gala Dinner on 9 September during the FIDIC International Infrastructure Conference in Mexico City, Mexico.




Submission Guidelines

The Award nomination form is available online.

All nominations shall confirm the approval/agreement of the submitting member association. FIDIC does not take responsibility or any liability for the award nominations and the accuracy of the material submitted.

Names and information in the form should be in English.                            

The awards will be presented at the FIDIC Awards Ceremony and Gala Dinner on Monday, 9 September 2019 in Mexico City during the FIDIC International Infrastructure Conference. Please register to secure your place at the event as well as to participate in the FIDIC International Infrastructure Conference 2019. More information is available on the conference website at



Barbara Gaeremynck

Head of Conference and Events

Barbara is responsible for managing FIDIC’s growing events and conference programme - including the flagship annual international infrastructure conference and awards - and shaping the federation’s future events strategy in a fast-moving and developing industry landscape. She also oversees FIDIC’s contract users’ conferences, the federation’s programme of regional conferences and committees and FIDIC’s board and corporate governance-related events.

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