Unit rates

As a general principle, FIDIC expressly prohibits users of its contracts to add and adjust Clauses in the General Conditions. Any adjustments and changes should be made in the Particular Conditions. However, since your Organization may not be responsible for misuse and breach of copyright we shall attempt to help you. But here again, FIDIC is able to offer advice on interpreation of clauses, but of course only on the clause of the contracts General Conditions, not on someone else's clauses. This said, once again, we shall try to be helpful on the understanding that in future you try to impress on clients that they should use the GCs correctly, and not risk legal action and contract invalidity owing to breach of copyright. The changes to the GC mean that the interpretation of the FIDIC Sub-clause 52.2 may not be relevant to the amended contract. However the following may be helpful. a) Impossible to answer because of the changes to the GC. b) Impossible to answer because of the changes to the GC. c) Revised rates are normally only applicable to the additional quantity but this depends on the circumstances and the make up of the revised rates. In determining revised rates the Engineer should take all factors into consideration. d) The Contractor is entitled to be paid for work done in accordance with Sub-Clause 60.2. If the revised rates cannot be agreed in time for the next Interim Payment Certificate then the Engineer should determine provisional rates as the last sentence of the first paragraph of Sub-Clause 52.2. If the final rate is different to this provisional rate then Interim Payment Certificates can be corrected as Sub-Clause 60.4. - See more at: http://fidic.org/node/911#sthash.L1foEZ7p.dpuf