FIDIC Adjudicators Search - Mr. Ian Massey

First Name
Last Name
Global Regions
Country Residence
South Africa
British, South African
Educational Qualifications
Diploma in Civil Engineering, Leeds College of Technology
Professional qualifications
Chartered Engineer, MICE.
Current employment status
Director of MDA Consulting (Pty.), Ltd., South Africa
Particular technical expertise
Building and Civil Engineering, Environmental issues, Geotechnics and foundations, Hydro projects, Infrastructure, Railways, Bridges, Marine Civil Engineering, Pipelines, Power / Energy, Road and Storm water Defence Works, Tunnels and Shafts, Waste Treatment and Pumping Plant
Present position
Commercial and Contractual consultant, trainer and adjudicator
Positions held
18 years' experience as a Contractor. The last line management position as Managing Director of an area operating company for one of the listed construction companies in South Africa. Spent past 30 years working as a commercial and contractual consultants working for three companies of which I was a major shareholder and director.
Dispute resolution experience
I have a great deal of experience representing one or other of the Parties to a dispute in Adjudications both in South Africa as well as in neighboring countries under all the various contract forms in common use.
I have provided services as an adjudicator on the following contracts/ disputes:
i) CTS Projects v Department of Housing. I was appointed by way of a court order. This was an assignment that involved two contracts under the NEC 2 Contract. (2006)
ii) Ohlanga Outfall Sewer, pump station and rising main: Pipeline:
I was appointed as an ad hoc adjudicator to preside over a dispute resulting from community unrest. I was then appointed to a DAB of three adjudicators for the same contract, to settle a dispute concerning the quality of materials. (2012 and 2013)
iii) South Coast Pipeline contract for Umgeni water. (2010)
iv) Road Contract Nigeria- Ove Arup: FIDIC Contract
v) Mkhuzi River Bridge Contract on Road D 2442 Makwela. Natal Roads Department- GCC Contract (2013)
vi) Unki mines Zimbabwe: Two contracts for the provision of housing. NEC Contracts
vii) Petrochemical Plant Sasolburg South Africa: Two contracts for the refurbishment of a wax plant. NEC contracts.
viii) Dam construction contract for Umgeni Water. I am the standing Adjudicator on this project. GCC 2010 Contract.
ix) Shongweni waterworks contract Umgeni water GCC 2010 Contract.
x) Hazelmere Dam Waterworks contract Umgeni Water GCC 2010 Contract
xi) Building Contract. Quality Issues JBCC Contract.
xii) Building Contract. Hotel alterations and refurbishment JBCC Contract
xiii) Pump station Contract GCC 2010 Contract
xiv) Material supply Contract GCC 2010 Contract
Djibouti, Ghana, Lesotho, Mali, Namibia, Nigeria, Rwanda, South Africa, Swaziland, Tanzania, United Republic of, Zimbabwe
Other panel listings
I am on the Adjudication Panels for the following South African organizations:
• The Association of Arbitrators
• the SAICE panel,
• the CIDB (South Africa )
• and the ICE-SA .
I am a regular contributor to our local trade press on contractual and commercial issues. I am the editor of our in house publication “First Aid For Contracts “which is a monthly publication with a circulation to interested parties on contractual and commercial issues of approximately one thousand.

MDA hosts an annual event, “Collective Wisdom” where we host an international speaker on adjudication and related topics. Attendance is by invitation. I have chaired the panel discussion at the culmination to this event for the past two years and have agreed to chair the panel discussion for this year’s event.