Membership Categories

Membership Categories

Member Association: a national association which is the largest association of firms providing technology-based intellectual consulting services for the built and natural environment in a country.

Associate Member: any organisation, association, firm or groups of firms which is based in a country not having a Member Association, and which has a major part of its activity in the engineering consulting industry. This membership category is aimed at organizations that has as objective to become a FIDIC national Member Association.

Affiliate Member: any individual, association, organisation, firm or groups of firms which is based in a country having or not having a Member Association, and which supports the objectives of the Federation. This membership category is aimed at commercial organisations who wish to maintain a close contact with FIDIC and to support the federation's activities at the local and international level.


FIDIC principles for the selection of FIDIC membership categories

There can only be one national member organisation per country. If a Member Association exists in a country and a company or organisation qualifies to join this Member Association, then the company or organisation cannot become an Associate Member of FIDIC. To access the list of FIDIC Member Associations & Associates per country please click here.

An individual, company or organisation can apply for membership directly with FIDIC (usually as an Affiliate, but possibly as an Associate member in a special case), if:

- there is no national Member Association in the country; or

- the individual, company or organisation is not eligible to join a national Member Association, but qualifies for membership in FIDIC (e.g. an international law firm that works extensively with the consulting engineering industry internationally); or

- the individual, company or organisation is a full member or affiliate member of the National Member Association; or

- the  individual, company or organisation has obtained approval from the national Member Association to seek membership in FIDIC even if not a member of the MA.