Sustainable Infrastructure: STANDARDS & GUIDELINES

Description of type

Strategic guidance: Strategic-­‐level guidance regarding the implementation of sustainable practice.
Management and/or reporting: Guidance for management approaches & initiatives, &/or guidelines for reporting on sustainable practice.
Design guidance / data specific: Provides
specific detail to inform infrastructure design or assessment calculations.
Assessment / indicator framework: Outlines a set of sustainability indicators.
Standard: Outlines a specific process for an industry or sector to follow, in the form of a recognised industry standard.

-­ Note that more than one type or theme may apply.

-­ Note that the summaries provided have not been reviewed by the owners/developers of the standards/guidelines. These summaries are for information only, giving an indication of the types of tools available. Users will need to refer to the tools and associated websites to determine usage rights.

ToolOwner (Developer)TypeThemeApplication
Strategic guidanceManagement and/or reportingDesign guideline/data specificAssessment/indicator frameworkStandardsGeneral sustainabilityCarbon/climate specificSector specificOtherInternationalNationalLocal
Access for the poor and excluded: Tariffs and subsidies for urban water supplyWaterAidY      Y Y  
Agenda 21 for Sustainable Construction in Developing CountriesInternational Council for Research and Innovation & UNEP International Environment Technology CentreY    Y   Y  
Civil Engineering Standard Method of measurement Carbon & Price bookFranklin+Andrews  Y   Y   Y 
Climate Change Adaptation GuidelinesInfrastructure Sustainability Council Australia  Y   Y   Y 
Design Manual for Roads and BridgesHighways Agency  Y    Y    
Design Manual for Urban Roads & Streets IrelandDepartment for Transport, Tourism & Sport, Ireland  Y    Y  Y 
Embodied Carbon - The Inventory of Carbon and EnergyG Hammond & C Jones, ed.F Lowrie & P Tse  Y   Y  Y  
Environmental and Social Impact Assessment GuidelinesWorld Business Council for Sustainable Development Y   Y   Y  
Environmental Reporting Guidelines: Including mandatory GHG emissions reporting guidanceDepartment for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs, UK Government  Y   Y   Y 
Environmental, Health & Safety General GuidelinesInternational Finance Corporation, World Bank YY    Y Y  
Equator PrinciplesEquator Principles Financial InstitutionsY    Y      
Fact Sheet 18 - Embodied CO2 of UK cement, additions and cementitious materialBritish Cement Association  Y   YY    
Greenhouse Gas Assessment Workbook for Road ProjectsTransport Authorities Greenhouse Group  Y   YY  Y 
Guidance Notes on Services for the Urban Poor: A Practical Guide for Improving Water Supply and Sanitation ServicesWater and Sanitation Program (World Bank)Y      Y Y  
Guide to sustainable procurement in constructionConstruction Industry Research and Information Association Y   Y    Y 
Guidelines for Climate Proofing Investment in the Transport SectorAsian Development Bank Y    YY Y  
High Performance Building GuidelinesCity of New York Department of Design & ConstructionY Y  Y     Y
High Performance Infrastructure GuidelinesCity of New York Department of Design & Construction (in partnership with the Design Trust)Y Y  Y     Y
Hutchins UK Building Blackbook: the Cost & Carbon GuideFranklin + Andrews  Y   Y   Y 
Industry as a Partner for Sustainable Development:United Nations Environment Programme & other partners     Y Y    
International Project on Innovative Nuclear Reactors & Fuel CyclesINPRO   Y   Y Y  
ISO 14000 Environmental ManagementInternational Organisation for Standardisation Y  Y   YY  
ISO 26000 Social ResponsibilityInternational Organisation for Standardisation Y  YY   Y  
ISO 31000 Risk ManagementInternational Organisation for Standardisation Y  Y   YY  
ISO standards on sustainability in buildings and civil engineering worksInternational Organisation for Standardisation    YY   Y  
Issue Briefs, Facts and Trends for Powering a Sustainable FutureWorld Business Council for Sustainable DevelopmentY      Y Y  
Performance Standards on Social & Environmental SustainabilityInternational Finance Corporation, World Bank Y  YY   Y  
Planning for Sustainability - A Handbook for Water and Wastewater UtilitiesUnited States Environmental Protection AgencyY    Y     Y 
Port Authority of New York - Sustainable Infrastructure GuidelinesPort Authority of New York & New Jersey  Y  Y     Y
Project Sustainability Management IIInternational Federation of Consulting Engineers Y   Y     Y
Sustainability - CIBSE Guide LCIBSE YY  Y Y  Y 
Sustainability FrameworkWaterAidY      Y Y  
Sustainability of Construction worksEuropean Committee for Standardisation    Y  Y Y  
Sustainability Reporting GuidelinesGlobal Reporting Initiative Y   Y   Y  
Sustainable Aviation Resources GuideSustainable Aviation Guidance AllianceYY     Y  Y 
Sustainable Reconstruction in Disaster- Affected CountriesSkat & UNEP- SBCI YY    Y Y  
Sustainable Transport Initiative: Operational PlanAsian Development BankY      Y Y  
Sustainable Urban Site Design ManualCity of New York Department of Design & ConstructionY Y  Y     Y
The Green Guide to SpecificationBRE (Authors: Anderson, J., Shiers, D. and Steele, K)  Y  Y    Y 
The Project Sustainability LogbookInternational Federation of Consulting Engineers Y   Y   Y  
World Development IndicatorsWorld BankY  Y Y   Y