ASPAC 2018 Conference

FIDIC supports key areas of the consulting engineering industry by broadening representation and enhancing the industry's profile. FIDIC activities in some regions are coordinated with the help of regional groupings of national member associations. FIDIC associations in the Asia-Pacific region are grouped together in ASPAC.

ASPAC Summary

The ASPAC Secretariat is based in the office of Liu Luobing (ASPAC Chairman), in China (, The ASPAC Executive Committee, elected each year at a General Assembly Meeting, holds regular meetings to coordinate activities, including the annual FIDIC ASPAC Asia-Pacific Regional Conference.

The Executive Committee (EC) Members are:

  • Liu Luobing (Chairman), China
  • Irawan Koesoemo (Chairman-elect), Indonesia
  • Mohd Adnan Mohd Nor (Malaysia)
  • Toshio Kurashige (Japan)
  • Mirye Park (Korea)
  • Kamal Laksiri (Sri Lanka)
  • Sudhir Dhawan(India)

EC appointed the following standing committes and forum to carry out relative activities:

The last ASPAC 2017 Conference was integrated with FIDIC International Infrastructure Conference in Jakarta, Indonesia, from 1-3 October, 2017.

The next ASPAC 2018 Conference will take place in Colombo, Sri Lanka, from 24 to 27 June 2018.

ASPAC 2018 Conference - Colombo, Sri Lanka (24 - 27 June 2018) 

Background to the Conference theme

It is forecasted that the Asia’s infrastructure market will show an annual growth rate of 7% – 8% in the coming years. At this growth rate the total infrastructure market, will reach US$5.3 trillion by 2025, accounting to 60% of the world total.

Further in the coming decades the investments will be more focused on urbanization worldwide exceeding the money spent in our entire history. Increasingly wealthy and more mobile societies will demand better education as the younger generation becomes the economic leaders of tomorrow.

As Asia Pacific grow and becomes the global economic hub during the next decades, the infrastructure needs across the region will also change rapidly. Robust and sustainable deployment of resources will play a pivotal role in how the economies of the member states in the Asia-Pacific, not only survive but thrive. Particularly the sectors such as Power & Energy infrastructure, Rail & Road Transport Air Ports and Harbors, Schools, healthcare facilities and Communication technology, which will influence priorities and investments in regional infrastructure development. In this context, the need of regional connectivity in the infrastructure development is very much felt in the efficient, effective and sustainable development of the same.

With this background the Conference will focus on the following aspects: 

  • Future infrastructure requirements in the region
  • Adopting a regional perspective with infrastructure development
  • Regional corporation in the infrastructure development
  • Investment opportunities towards infrastructure development within the region
  • Regional mechanism for sharing the experience in infrastructure development
  • Financial and contracting new models and use of Project monitoring tools in large infrastructure investments
  • Common challenges in the ASPAC region


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ASPAC Meetings

FIDIC ASPAC holds a General Assembly Meeting (GAM) each year, usually in association with the FIDIC Annual Conference. Executive Committee meetings are held in conjunction with the GAM, and occasionally at other times of the year.


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  • Revised Constitution PDF and By-Laws PDF were adopted by the ASPAC GAM in September 2016.
  • To provide a forum for the free exchange of information among FIDIC Member Associations within the Asia and Pacific Region, as defined by the Asian Development Bank's area of interest.
  • To foster the consulting engineering industry in accordance with the principles and constitution of FIDIC and encourage the formation of associations of consulting engineers where these do not exist in the countries within the region.
  • To establish and maintain an organisation with a secretariat to facilitate the attainment of these Terms of Reference.
  • To advise and make recommendations to the Executive Committee of FIDIC concerning particular matters affecting the interests of consulting engineers in the region, report regularly on ASPAC activities, and provide an Annual Report for submission to the General Assembly Meeting, both of ASPAC and FIDIC.
  • To coordinate FIDIC with the Executive Committee of FIDIC on all communications with international and regional development, agencies. The Executive Committee will inform and confer with ASPAC concerning issues and activities of relevance to the region, ASPAC shall facilitate the role of the Executive Committee of FIDIC by ensuring that it is consulted on sensitive issues and informed of ASPAC activities within its area of responsibility.
  • To main dialogue with other regional organisations representing consulting engineering in the ASPAC region.
  • To organize meetings seminars and workshops as appropriate.
  • To disseminate information on developments in the region by newsletter and other means of communication.