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Promoting the participation of young professionals in the consulting engineering industry's activities.


Announcement of FIDIC Young Professionals Award 2016

FIDIC YPFSC is pleased to announce the launch of FIDIC Young Professionals Award. This award, which is open to all young professionals (YPs) aged 40 years and under who are working for firms in the membership of FIDIC.

The purpose of this award is to highlight the talent of next generation leaders in the consultancy engineering industry across the world, and at encourage effective participation of YPs within FIDIC for maintaining of the sustainable development of the industry.

The YP AWARD letter, instruction and forms can be downloadded here MA Letter_9_15_YPAward.pdf


YP Presentation in FIDIC 2015 Conference

some of FIDIC YPFSC members had presentations during FIDIC 2015 Conference. You can find the presentations here:

FIDIC2015-ManoochehrAziziPresentation.pdf FIDIC2015-ChrisNewcombPresentation.pdf FIDIC2015-FrancisKofiPresentation.pdf FIDIC2015-ArashEmambakhshPresentation.pdf FIDIC2015-AhmedStifiPresentation.pdf FIDIC2015-YPFSCPresentation-Jomanah.pdf


YPF Business Plan (BP)

 The FIDIC YPF Business Plan is approved by FIDC EC. You can find it here.


Call for Nomination for 2016/2017 (Closed)

The call for candidates for the FIDIC Young Professional Forum Steering Committee (YPFSC) for the year 2016-2017 is open till 20th November 2016. Please check the YPF Business Plan above and fill the application Form here.


YPF Reference Document Guideline

The FIDIC YPF Reference Document is a Guideline to assist FIDIC Member Associations (MAs) in establishing a Young Professional Forum (YPF), and providing inspiration to existing YPs for continued development.

The first edition of this Guide was issued in September 2013. You can find it here.

National Member Association YP Forums

Several FIDIC Member Associations operate Young Professionals Forums. Activities include: coordination; exchange programmes; online discission forums; board and committee participation; in-company young professional groups; facilitation for overseas projects.

- Australia FutureNet - Iran - China - Japan - Malaysia YP Club - Netherlands - South Africa - UK Progress Network

YPMTP Management Training

The FIDIC Young Professionals Management Training Programme is a seven-month interactive training programme in business practice for future line managers, see Young Professionals Management Training Programme.


YPMTP History

FIDIC Participants- Final.pdf



The FIDIC YPMTP2015 finished after 5 days face to face workshops from 9-13 Sep. 2015 in Dubai, UAE.

The participants reported their experience in the Future Leaders Workshop session on September 14. 2015, the first day of the FIDIC annual conference.

You can read more at: YPMTP2015.pdf and YPMTP2015-Meiti.Kramadibrata.pdf


Steen Frederiksen, the FIDIC Coordinator, helping trainees during a Young Professionals Management Training (YPMTP) 2007 session in Singapore before the FIDIC 2007 Singapore conference. 

A YPMTP working session before the FIDIC 2007 Singapore conference.

Steen Frederiksen, the FIDIC Coordinator (at the podium) and the YPMTP 2007 reporters during the YP Future Leaders Workshop at FIDIC 2007 Singapore.