FIDIC International Infrastructure Conference - Berlin 2018


Mobility & Smart Infrastructure

It is difficult to grasp that over half of the world’s population lives in urban areas, and this number will increase to about two thirds of the world’s population by 2050. This means that today, 3.9 billion people are living in cities, and that number will continue to rise exponentially.


Mobility is central to our economies and essential for our way of life. Every day, billions of people and tons of goods move by road, rail, air and water. Yet our need for mobility brings consequences—pollution, CO2 emissions, congestion and a massive load on state budgets for maintaining and improving our transportation infrastructure.  However, in response to a wave of new technologies, shifting mobility patterns, and funding pressures, we are experiencing the beginnings of major shifts in mobility. How the future will play out is uncertain but the implications for all stakeholders will be significant.


What new technologies and business plans will dominate? How can government structure and adapt to catalyse the next generation of innovation and improve the user experience? Who are the decision makers in our future? Who are the planners and conceivers? - Governments? - Financial institutions? - Large corporates?

What are the key roles and responsibilities that consulting engineers can and should play? How do they interact with others? What are the key issues being addressed?


Berlin, with its rich history and ambitious growth plans, is ideally placed to reflect on these cross cutting issues.


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