FIDIC Board Members are: 

Terms of Reference

The Board is responsible for the administration and management of the Federation in all matters not explicitly within the competence of the General Assembly as defined in the Statues. They are tasked to:

  • carry out the resolutions of the General Assembly,
  • prepare an annual report, formulate and modify By-Laws and endorse audited annual accounts for ratification by the General Assembly
  • To appoint members of Standing committees and Task Forces, approve their Terms of Reference, and monitor their activities.

The Board conducts strategic planning for FIDIC including: the continuous assessment of developments affecting the consulting industry; the planning of actions to reposition FIDIC, when required; and the reviewing and updating of the current strategic plan. It must also periodically review and update, or prepare, new policies where required.

The Board represents FIDIC in order to maintain and enhance its image on the global scene.  The Board liaises with appropriate levels and officials of international organizations relevant to our interests and pay regular visits to Member Associations. 

The Board meets at least three times per year, once coinciding with the FIDIC Annual Conference.

In 2019 the Board will meet in Johannesburg from 21-22 February, in Beijing from 16-17 May and in Mexico City from 5-6 September.