Sustainable Infrastructure: Calculators


Key for Calculator tool summaries
Y  Applicable sector
Y  Theme
L  Less applicable

ToolCountriesApplicable sectorsThemes
All InfrastructureBuildingsRoadsWaterEnergyTransportConstructionMaterialsEcologyWastewaterPotable WaterCarbon/GHGOther
Materials CalculatorAustraliaY      Y     
Water Efficiency CalculatorUK Y        Y  
Commuting Mass Transport CalculatorAustralia Y          Y
Potable Water CalculatorAustralia Y        Y  
Change in Ecology CalculatorAustralia Y      Y    
Sewerage CalculatorAustralia Y       Y   
Life cycle Carbon CalculatorJapan Y         Y 
Building Energy Intensity ToolMalaysia Y         Y 
Credit Weighting ToolPhilippines Y          Y
LifeCYCLEUK, adaptable to other countriesLY         YY
CapITUKY          YY
Carbon PilotUK Y         Y 
Water Efficient Landscaping CalculatorUS Y        Y  
OPTRA Eco - comparatorFrance    Y      YY
Ground Movement Strategic PlanningFrance    Y      YY
OPAS – Air Traffic Control SimulatorFrance    Y      YY
MAESTRO – Arrival Departure ManagerFrance    Y      YY
Carbon CalculatorUK      Y    Y 
Project Carbon CalculatorNetherlandsY     Y    Y 
National Calculation Methodology: Simplified Building Energy ModelUK, Scotland, Northern Ireland, the Republic of Ireland and Jersey Y         Y 
National Calculation Methodology: Standard Assessment ProcedureUK Y         Y 
Transport Emissions Evaluation Models for ProjectsInternational, particularly developing countries  Y  Y     Y 
CO2 - Emissions Estimator ToolUK, adaptable to other countries      Y    Y 
CO2CRETE.IMPACTInternational      Y    Y 
GAIA.BEInternational  YY       YY
Energy Technologies Life Cycle AssessmentInternational    Y      YY
Embodied and Operational CarbonModellerUK   Y       Y 
SUDS WLC and Whole Life Carbon ToolInternational  YYY YY Y YY