Sustainability is improving the quality of human life while living within the carrying capacity of supporting eco-systems


Sustainable Development Committee

The FIDIC Sustainable Development Committee (SDC) drives the work of FIDIC on Sustainability. The SDC is tasked with building a knowledge base of project accomplishments and technology advances relative to sustainable development, from which to share best practices and lessons learned. Also, to encourage the incorporation of PSM principals and practices into industry policies procedres, procurement documents and quality assurance programmes. To find out more about the work of the SDC, please click here.

Solutions offered for Unsustainable Development

The Consulting Engineering industry launches a new set of practical guides for use by all those involved in developing infrastructure. The launch took place September 2013 in Barcelona at the FIDIC Centenary Conference. Under the banner “Quality of Life – Our Responsibility”, the conference focused in particular on urban environments where 75% of the challenges are manifested.

  • A new approach to Sustainable Infrastructure is vital to our Quality of Life
  • World economies have been seriously weakened by unsustainable development and excessive consumption.
  • Humanity faces serious environmental challenges, including degraded land and soil, depleted natural resources, polluted air and water, and now, severe climate risks.

Society is looking to this industry to formulate a holistic approach on the role of cities in addressing sustainability challenges. Consulting Engineers and Architects, as key advisors in the delivery of sustainable infrastructure, have developed more sophisticated technologies to tackle innovative solutions to energy, water and transport usage in a more coordinated way. Building on previous experience, including partnerships with some international institutions (World Bank, UNEP, ISO, EU) a new Sustainability Pack, comprising three complementary publications, is to be published by FIDIC and EFCA the European Federation of Engineering Consultancy Associations.


The Sustainability Pack 2013 is available from our bookshop and comprises:

To learn more about the The Project Sustainability Logbook, please click here to go to a dedicated PSL website for indepth information.

State of the World Report after 2012


As a next step to the FIDIC 2012 State of the World Report, FIDIC commissioned a global review of sustainability appraisal tools used to support infrastructure decisions: rating and certification, decision-support, calculators and guidelines.


To read the results of the global review conducted, please click here.




FIDIC published the Sustainability Pack 2013 compris three complementary publications:

PSM, a Project Sustainability Management This 2nd edition of  the Project Sustainability Management, PSM II, is  a list of core issues that engineers should consider when carrying out projects in a sustainable way, backed up by a number of processes for the broad inclusion of stakeholder input.

PSL, a Project Sustainability Logbook The Logbook, comprising a series of tables, offers a method of defining and monitoring the issues and objectives of sustainable development for a specific project or programme..

Rethink Cities- A FIDIC/EFCA White Paper on sustainable urban development through a holistic approach: cooperation, systems and synergies

Find out more about the PSL, Project Sustainability Logbook on a dedicated website by clicking here.

State of the World Report 2012: Sustainable Infrastructure - This report sets out to make sense of sustainable development in the context of key infrastructure. It describes how decisions might be made towards a sustainable future in our societal fabric, of roads, railways, ports and airports, in water and wastewater, and in power generation. In other words, in all that underpins society worldwide.

Sustainable Infrastructure: rating and certification, decision-support, calculators and guidelines. Click here to learn more.