Book Collections

Compilation and Collection

Collections comprise a set of printed documents (printed version) or the documents as electronic archives (electronic version), where each product archive contains the protected access part of a document as an encrypted PDF file that needs the Acrobat reader. Access rights need to be installed to access the protected document.

Electronic versions of Collection are supplied as a single access right to install every protected document valid for 1 year.

FIDIC Guide to Practice Collection of several documents based around the FIDIC Guide to Practice Training Manual in electronic format (pdf) to download.
310.00 €
Get the latest version of all FIDIC Contracts and Agreement to make sure you have the most updated FIDIC material at your disposal. ( 15 books)
300.00 €
FIDIC Compilation of 5 FIDIC Collections comprising archives containing electronic PDF whole documents + editable forms (approx. 64 products). Edition with full access to every encrypted whole-document.
1 200.00 €
FIDIC Compilation of 5 FIDIC Collections
960.00 €
FIDIC Contracts and Agreements Collection of over 25 documents. English documents only. Electronic version
920.00 €
FIDIC Contracts and Agreements Collection of over 20 documents. English documents only. Printed version.
600.00 €
Building on this previous experience, including partnerships with some international institutions (World Bank, UNEP, ISO, EU) the Sustainability Pack 2013 compris three complementary publications: the "Project Sustainability Management" applications manual - a guideline for consulting engineers implementing major sustainability issues in projects, “Rethink Cities”- a white paper on societal challenges and the 'Project Sustainability Logbook' - a tool to support owners and their partners with collaborative work on sustainability.
80.00 €
The Project Sustainability Logbook (PSL) 2013 toolbox comprises four linked resources to support the sustainable development of a project or programme in the built environment project. The main aim is to facilitate collaboration between stakeholders. These four resources share the PSL 2013 database, with the next update planned for mid-2014. PSl is also supported by an online platform at
99.00 €
FIDIC Risk Management Collection of several documents.
60.00 €
FIDIC Quality Management and Integrity Management Collection based on the FIDIC Quality Management Guide, Interpretative Guide and Training Kit, wth related documents.
60.00 €