Future Leaders Management Certificate

Important coronavirus (COVID-19) update

Due to the coronavirus, FIDIC has decided to postpone this year’s FIDIC International Infrastructure Conference until next year 12-14 September 2021 in Geneva.

For those who have registered for the Future Leaders Management Certificate option inclusive of Geneva 2020 conference attendance or are considering additionally registering for the conference, we would like to reassure you that your registration will be carried over to the 2021 conference taking place 12-14 September 2021 in Geneva. Should you have any queries or would like any further information, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

We apologise for any inconvenience but we are sure that you understand our position given the current difficult circumstances in which we all find ourselves. We do however look forward to seeing you next year!

Future Leaders Management Certificate (FLMC)

We’re pleased to announce the new FIDIC training programme. In 2020 the FIDIC Young Professionals Management Training Programme becomes the FIDIC Future Leaders Management Certificate (FLMC). A new name and a revamped format will provide you with an insightful training experience.

Advance your career with The FIDIC Future Leaders Management Certificate (FLMC). Register now to secure your place!

From March 2020 until the optional working sessions at the FIDIC International Infrastructure Conference 2021 in Geneva in September 2021

 FIDIC Future Leaders Management Certificate
FLMC Mexico

The programme and its aim

The focus of this FIDIC programme is to strengthen the business expertise of young engineers and other professionals working in the field of consulting engineering. It also offers networking opportunities and an insight into FIDIC global activities.


This programme was developed after extensive surveys covering content and cost. It features a cost-effective training approach and offers optional attendance to FIDIC’s annual Infrastructure Conference. All participants will receive FIDIC certificates of completion following a short exam, and those attending the conference will enjoy the opportunity of creating a unique presentation for all conference attendees.

Who should enroll?

The programme is aimed at recent engineering and design graduates who practice and operate in consulting firm environments and seek to advance their career in management.


The reference

The reference textbook is the FIDIC Guide to Practice (GtP). An electronic copy of the guide is provided free to participants, together with other FIDIC relevant documents.



The programme is made up of a series of webinars, case study homework and discussions with trainers. A minimum of six webinars are included with the following content:

  • The consulting firm and profit
  • The consultant contract
  • HR and career planning
  • Business development
  • Project management
  • Quality management and ISO
  • Liability insurance and risk
  • Integrity management
  • Sustainability management and sustainable design

Meet our trainers

Robin Crouch - C. Eng., MICE, BSc (Eng)

Robin CrouchRobin Crouch has over 30 years of experience in consulting engineering including 20 years as Director of International Operations for a German firm of consulting engineers responsible for human resources, business operations, corporate planning, quality and risk management. He is a FIDIC Accredited Trainer and was a mentor on FIDIC’s Young Professionals Management Training Program (the predecessor to FFLMP). He was Chair of FIDIC’s Conference Committee for several years. He recently prepared new Standard Tender Documents for the German Bank for Reconstruction (KfW) based on FIDIC Contracts.


Ben Novak - B. Eng, MCP, Dip B.A.

Ben NovakBen Novak holds a B.Eng. and a Diploma in Business Administration from McGill University, Montreal; his master’s in city planning (MCP) is from the University of Manitoba. He is a now Senior Consultant in corporate management of consulting businesses and a certified FIDIC trainer who specializes in corporate services and corporate management training. He is also an accredited peer reviewer for ACEC (US) reviewing consulting operations’ management practices. For many years he was with Stantec in Edmonton and sat on the first Board of Directors when they became a public company. He has held top positions in several professional business associations. Ben has materially emphasized the need of management training for engineers and other design professionals by making endowments for a specific master level training scholarship at the University of Alberta and McGill University in Canada.


Andrew Steeves - P. Eng., MBA

Andrew SteevesAndrew Steeves has 30+ years with ADI Limited and exp. including front office experience in division management, Human Resources, corporate planning, quality management (ISO registration), marketing, proposal writing, consultant selection and services procurement (PPPs and qualifications-based selection) and client relations (interviews and feedback surveys). Andrew has lectured to consultants on a wide range of topics including profitability, career paths for young professionals, procurement methods and business planning. He is a FIDIC Accredited Trainer and was a mentor on FIDIC’s Young Professionals Management Training Program (the predecessor to FFLMP)


John Ritchie - P. Eng.

John RitchieJohn Ritchie has over 40 years of experience as a senior executive in the consulting industry with hydropower and water resources project experience in Canada and Asia. This includes 10 years of experience in design and use of anti-corruption compliance programs, for engineering firms and projects. He has served on the Board of Directors of his firm, Acres International, and of two consulting engineering associations, and of the Canadian Hydropower Association. He is on the Boards of Directors of a Canadian hydro-based electric power utility, BC Hydro, and of Transparency International Canada. He is also a trainer in a FIDIC-sponsored program in China.



Michele Kruger - B. Eng, M. Eng, D. Eng (Civil)

Michele KrugerDr. Michele Kruger is currently an Associate Director at CSVwater. Her Master and Doctorate degrees are from the University of Johannesburg, South Africa. Michele is a past board member of Consulting Engineers South Africa (CESA) and helped launch the CESA Women’s Forum. She also volunteers for the International Federation of Consulting Engineers (FIDIC) based in Switzerland, where she chaired the FIDIC Young Professionals Forum and the FIDIC Capacity Building Committee. She is currently an international mentor for the FIDIC Young Management Training Program and participates in its renewal as the FFLMP, or FIDIC Future Leaders Management Program. She also chairs the FIDIC Inclusivity and Diversity Task Team. Michele’s impressive recognitions include ‘Best Paper by a Young South African in the field of Water Science and Technology’; ’Young Engineer of the Year’ and ‘Women in Civil Engineering Award’. South Africa.


Richard Stump - B.S., M.A.

Richard StumpRichard Stump joined Stanley Consultants of Muscatine Iowa in 2001 and now is a Vice President of Stanley Consultants, Inc., a global architectural, engineering and construction management company. His work experience includes international assignments on US military projects, business development and growing markets in the Pacific, the Middle East, Horn of Africa, North Africa, India and Afghanistan. His work experience includes projects in 39 different countries. Richard served as Chairperson of FIDIC’s Young Professionals Forum Steering Committee from 2006-2008. As a member of the FIDIC Integrity Management Committee, Richard worked to develop and rollout FIMS, the FIDIC Integrity Management System. Richard has been involved with professional activities outside the United States since 1996, working in the US Air Force as an engineer. He is a registered architect in the United States and is an accredited sustainability professional under the US Green Buildings Program (LEED AP). His academic degrees include a master’s degree in Architecture from MIT and a Bachelor of Science degree in Architectural Studies from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.


Michael Walker - P. Eng, PE, PMP

Michael WalkerMichael Walker specialized in Environmental Engineering, at the University of Alberta, Canada. At the University of Alaska, he studied Arctic Engineering. He is registered as a Professional Engineer (P.Eng.) in Canada, and as a Professional Engineer (PE) in the State of Texas. Michael is also a Project Management Professional (PMP) through the Project Management Institute. He is with an employee-owned firm in Western Canada (McElhanney) as a branch manager, and has worked for large multi-national public companies, construction companies and small consulting firms with less than 10 employees. Michael has a long history with FIDIC through the Canadian Association of Consulting Companies (ACEC-Canada) and was a graduate of FIDIC’s Young Professionals Management Training Program (the predecessor to FFLMP). He is on the board of Directors for the Consulting Engineers of Alberta, and assists on multiple committees, and presentations at ACEC and FIDIC conferences. A recipient of the 2017 ACEC-SK Young Professionals Award, he is also the 2018 winner of the Allen D. Williams Scholarship through ACEC-Canada.



Silvia Fossati

Training Manager

Silvia is FIDIC’s training manager and oversees more than 100 training events per year across the globe, offering support to FIDIC members and other stakeholders. With a PhD in computer science, IT consultant and IT project manager Silvia has worked at FIDIC since 2005. She has played a key role in developing FIDIC’s training activity since its inception.