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FIDIC training modules' content

FIDIC training events are conducted by FIDIC Accredited Trainers: international experts with thorough knowledge of FIDIC contracts and business practices. They have extensive experience in the practical use of FIDIC in international projects and have been assessed by FIDIC to ensure the best quality of its training events.

The training material provided to the participants consists of: the FIDIC Contracts related to the contract course, or the course notes related to the business practices topic, a copy of the presentation slides and a work book with case studies and exercices.

Most of the FIDIC training events produce an attendance certificate to the participants. (example of certificate: certificate_seminar_example.pdf).


FIDIC Online training programmes


The FIDIC Online Training Programmes offers intensive training programmes based on case studies and discussions of issues within an international team of participants and mentors. The programmes are based on live lectures in combination with case work which is directly related to the lectures. Participants work on real life cases and practice the application of various concepts. The case work is run on a chat type platform by presenting and discussing case inputs in writing.

More details about the FIDIC online training programmes.

FIDIC provides two groups of standard modules:


FIDIC Contracts Modules


FIDIC has, over the years, issued a number of standard documents for use on construction projects. The contracts which are currently in most common use around the world are: the Conditions of Contract for Construction; the Conditions of Contract for Plant and Design-Build; the Conditions of Contract for EPC/Turnkey Projects.

Other special contracts are as well issued by FIDIC for specific projects, like the Conditions of Subcontracts, the Design-Build and Operate Contracts, the Dredgers Contracts or the Short Form of Contracts.

These 2-day training events have been designed to offer a complete up-to-date review of the effective understanding and use of the FIDIC contracts currently in use. The courses involve 'hands-on' exercices and discussion sessions designed for practicioners wishing to get or improve their experience in the FIDIC contracts.

List of FIDIC Contracts modules


FIDIC Business Practice Modules 


In the early 1990's, the World Bank sponsored FIDIC to prepare a training manual applicable to professional service firms. The result was the publication in 1994 of a 200-page manual entitled "The Professional Services Firm - A Training Manual and Guide to Practice". Since then, it has been updated and used at FIDIC training events held in several countries, and has served as a useful reference document for FIDIC's capacity building programme.

The Business Practice modules address business topics such as risk management, integrity management, sustainable project management, among others.

List of FIDIC Business Practice modules




Beginner level = no previous knowledge or practical experience in the use of FIDIC contracts

Intermediate level = 2 to 3 years of experience on several FIDIC projects, with different roles (Engineer, Contractor, Employer) AND having attended the official accredited FIDIC Module 1

Advanced level = 5 or more years of experience on several FIDIC projects, with different roles (Engineer, Contractor, Employer), good experience in managing claims under FIDIC AND having attended the official accredited FIDIC Module 2



Silvia Fossati

Training Manager

Silvia is FIDIC’s training manager and oversees more than 100 training events per year across the globe, offering support to FIDIC members and other stakeholders. With a PhD in computer science, IT consultant and IT project manager Silvia has worked at FIDIC since 2005. She has played a key role in developing FIDIC’s training activity since its inception.

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