FIDIC State of the World Report 2012

FIDIC’s State of the World Report on Sustainable Infrastructure launched the conference, attended by over 800 industry experts from 67 countries. Authored primarily by Prof Peter Guthrie from Cambridge University, the report clarifies current international thinking on sustainability, assesses the current rating systems and sets out clear decision paths for critical investment in infrastructure.

This Report focuses on the nature of decisions made by project teams, their impacts and some of the dimensions of sustainability that influence decision-makers, including Risk, Resilience and Opportunity. Identifying the barriers to the uptake of sustainability, the report presents a global review of the key Sustainability Tools under deployment in the infrastructure sector today, including Rating & Certification Tools, Decision-Support Tools, Calculators and Guidelines, which utilise motivators of risk minimisation, resilience, opportunity, competition, security and prosperity to guide project teams towards sustainable infrastructure assets and services.

Details & download of the FIDIC State of the World Report 2012

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