Enrico VINK, FIDIC Managing Director

Enrico Vink was appointed the FIDIC Managing Director in September 2004. He is a strong advocate for best practice in association management and was a founding member of the New Zealand Society of Association Executives in 1994 and became President 1999-2001. Through ACENZ, he also became a founding member of the New Zealand Construction Industry Council and chaired the task group on Best Practice Procurement. 

Enrico was born in New Zealand of Dutch parentage. He has university degrees in German and Spanish. From 1980 to 1990 he was employed by the New Zealand Department of Trade and Industry, where he worked on industrial development projects and on trade policy issues. During this time, Enrico spent four years as a Trade Commissioner at the New Zealand Embassy in Bonn. From 1990 to 2004 Enrico was with the Association of Consulting Engineers New Zealand, the latter ten years as Chief Executive. During that period the Association membership more than doubled in size, thanks in part to the outsourcing of almost all public sector engineering work to the private sector.

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