Young Professionals Forum (YPF)

The YPF Steering Committee has dedcated pages in the FIDIC website at

Responsible Executive Committee Members

- Anthony Barry, Australia  (Primary responsibility)

- Moncef Ziani, Morocco     (Secondary responsibility)


Steering Committee

- Jomanah Al Btoush (YPFSC Chair), ARABTECH JARDANEH, Jordan

- Cosmin Tobolcea (YPFSC Vice Chair), Pro Toby, Romania

- Simon Davidson, Johnston Vermette, Canada

- Darren Beaver, AECOM, Sydney, Australia

- Arash Emambakhsh, Kahanroba, Iran

- Chengdong (Sonya) Zhang, Hua Lun Consulting, China

- Adam Bialachowski, Vintage Consulting, Poland

- Takashi Matsuo, Chodai Co. Ltd., Japan

- Ahmed Stifi, Institute for Technology and Management in Construction, Germany

- Laura E. Oliveira Recena, Projetec Projetos Técnicos Ltda., Brazil

- Rafael Delgado Jimenez, TYPSA, SPAIN

- Wael Darkazanli, Al Bawani, Saudi Arabia

- Ruben Marques Murargi, COWI A/S, Denmark

Francis Kofi Yankey, ABP Consult Ltd., Ghana

- Jennifer O. Ogazie, KOA Consultants Limited, Nigeria

 - Cory Wilson, McElhanney Consulting Services Ltd., Canada

 - Wafaa Balla Beshir Ahmed, Kenana Engineering and Technical Services, Sudan

-  Hicham Slimani, Smailia Structure, Morocco

The Terms of Reference are:

- Leadership and voice for the Young Professionals (YP)
      - Encourage long-term YP participation in FIDIC activities
      - Encourage FIDIC member companies to sponsor the participation of YPs in FIDIC and FIDIC YP activities
      - Encourage and support growth of YP MA associations
      - Promote benefits of FIDIC participation to YPs and member companies.
      - Liaise with the FIDIC EC and promote YP initiatives.
- Networking
      - Coordinate and execute YP events at FIDIC conferences.
      - Act as a bridge to share information between YP MAs.
      - Create Opportunities for exchange programs for the YP community.
      - Contact YP Member Association leaders and promote their activities regularly.
      - Work with YP Member Association groups to identify trends and events of interest, and share these items with the YP    community.
- Online resource management
      - Maintain an updated Young Professionals Forum webpage of people, events and activities.
      - Publish regular e-newsletters of YP activities worldwide.
      - Manage and direct discussions in an online forum.
      - Manage a register of interested YPs and Young Professionals Management Training Programme alumni.