Capacity Building Committee (CBC)

Responsible FIDIC Board Members

- Anthony Barry, Australia  (Primary responsibility)
- Aisha Nadar, Sweden  (Secondary responsibility)

- Gavin English, United Kingdom  (Secondary responsibility)


- Arash Emambakhsh, Iran, FIDIC YPF 

- Jaime Gray, Peru

- Sam Mambo, Kenya

- Malith Mendes, Sri Lanka

- Exaud Mushi, Tanzania

- Ben Novak, Canada

- Andras Rev, Hungary

- Andrew Steeves, Canada

- Giorgiana Tecuci, Romania

- Selena Wilson, Canada



One of FIDIC’s core objectives is to:


“Promote and assist the worldwide development of a viable consulting engineering industry”

The Capacity Building Committee (CBC) is responsible for identifying new training programmes in liaison with the FIDIC committees, Member Associations and regional groups. The CBC will also set training standards in terms of materials, quality of tutors and certification process.


The CBC is tasked with proposing new types of examinations that should be conducted by participants of FIDIC Capacity Building activities. They will produce the guidelines for setting such examinations, prepare standard examinations, as well as issue certificates for candidates that pass the examinations.


The CBC will also assist with the organization and coordination of the FIDIC Contracts Trainers' Workshop and FIDIC Adjudicators Assessment Workshop.


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