Quality Management

Consulting industry growth due to quality systems

The practice of consulting engineering has evolved and grown to a major worldwide industry because individuals have placed a priority on producing work and services of the highest quality. Given the complexity of major projects, this has been accomplished by the institution of systems to coordinate the input of many committed professionals. The large number of consulting firms who have prospered for many decades is evidence of achievement in this performance of quality.

Clients’ demands — FIDIC response

Today an increasing number of clients require assurance, as a condition of awarding work, that consulting engineers operate a formalised quality management system within their practices. A number of FIDIC Member Associations have responded to this trend by developing documents to assist their members to formalise quality management in their practices. FIDIC has developed the following policy statement to assist all Member Associations and their members in the pursuit of their commitment to quality.


FIDIC recommends that:

member firms should make a commitment to excellence through the implementation of a quality management system involving all levels of management and every employee;

FIDIC further recommends that:

1.  Member Associations should assist member firms in developing Quality Management systems by providing guides and general support, and that

2.  Member firms should have access to an independent inspection, or peer review of their Quality Management programme within guidelines developed by the profession in collaboration with client groups and/or third party accreditation groups.