FIDIC Policy Statements

FIDIC, the International Federation of Consulting Engineers, has issued a number of Policy Statements about issues relevant to the conduct of consulting engineering firms that are particularly relevant to clients and financing agencies in developing countries. Some Policy Statements are being updated (see Status of Updates).

The FIDIC Policy Statements binder is available from the FIDIC Bookshop (currently contains Policy Statements from 4 to 8 plus 21 and 25 ). Please click here to order a hard copy. For an electronic copy of these policy statements (PDF), please click here (0.7 MB). Otherwise, please select the policy of your interest from the list below (HTML and PDF format).  

1.   Professional Risks in Partnering
2.   Guidelines to Reviewing the Work of a Professional Consulting Engineer
3.   The Role of the Consulting Engineer in Design-Build
4.   Corruption : PDF 
5.   Informed Purchaser : PDF  
6.   HIV-AIDS in the Construction Sector : PDF   
7.   Quality of Construction : PDF  
8.   Conflict of Interest : PDF  
9.   The Role of the Consulting Engineer during Construction
10. Selection, Engagement and Remuneration of Consulting Engineers
11. Transfer of Technology
12. Consulting Engineers and the Environment
13. Projects in which Consultants have a Financial Interest other than a Normal Fee
14. The Consulting Engineer in Turnkey Projects
15. Professional Risk and Responsibility
16. Guarantees, Bonds and Retentions relating to Professional Services
17. Alternative Dispute Resolution
18. Collateral Warranties
19. Contingent Legal Fees
20. The Expert Witness
21. Limitation of Liability
22. Site Safety
23. Copyright
24. Quality Management
25. Climate Change