Articles on FIDIC Contracts and Agreements

Below are a list of resource articles published on FIDIC Contracts and Agreements. The articles are divided by subject matter.

1999 major works contracts: Construction; Plant & Design-Build, EPC/Turnkey

1999 minor works contracts: Short Form and Dredgers

  • Small works contracts: D. Stiedel (2001) PDF
  • FIDIC's Green Book: N.G. Bunni (July 2001) PDF
  • A contract for just digging a hole - Dredgers Contract: C.P.I.M. Dolmans (2001) PDF
  • FIDIC Dredgers Contract :T. McGoldrick (2003) PDF
  • A review of the FIDIC Blue Book (second edition) PDF

Plant and Design-Build Contract (1999)

EPC/Turnkey Contract (1999)

  • The Silver Book - A wolf in sheep's clothing? Philip Loots, 2001 PDF
  • The Silver Book - A wolf in sheep's clothing? N. Henchie, 2001 PDF
  • The Silver Book: The Reality: C. Wade, 2001 PDF
  • EPC contracts: J. Neville, 1999 PDF
  • The new FIDIC EPC BOT contract: Cazalet and Reece, 1999  PDF
  • The Orgalime Turnkey Contract for Industrial Works - an alternative to FIDIC’s Silver Book? Nick Henchie, 2005

Design-Build and Operate Contract (2006)



  • EPCM Contracts: P. Loots and N. Henchie, 2007 PDF
  • Project partnering in the international construction industry: C. Skeggs, 2001 PDF
  • BOT projects: ECLJ 2005

Construction Management Contracts

Claims, Dispute resolution, Arbitration, Risk

  • Making Claims for Time and Money, N. Gould, 2008 PDF
  • International Construction Disputes in today's economy: M.E. Jaffe and R.J. McHugh 2009 PDF
  • Dispute Boards and Construction Contracts: D. Charrett 2009  PDF
  • Adjudication and Dispute Boards: The next wave in ADR?: D. Charrett 2009 PDF
  • An Engineer’s / Dispute Adjudication Board’s Decision Is Enforceable by an Arbitral Award: C.R. Seppala, PDF
  • SCL - View from across the pond: Howe et al., 2007 PDF
  • Dispute Review Boards: Freshfields, 2006 PDF
  • Dispute Boards presentation: G. Owen, 2002 PDF
  • FIDIC - New 1999 Edition of the Red Book.pdf: D. Bateson, 2000
  • Introduction to the FIDIC DAB Provisions : G. Owen, 2004 PDF
  • The working of the DAB : G. Owen, 2003 DAB.pdf
  • The Gap in Clause 20.7: N. Bunnie, 2005 PDF
  • Contractor's Claims under the FIDIC contract for major works: C. Seppala, 2005 PDF
  • Claims of the Employer: C. Wade, 2005 PDF
  • Termination, Risk and Force Majeure: G.L. Jaynes, 2001 PDF
  • Claims, Disputes and Arbitration.pdf: G.L. Jaynes, 2001
  • Role of the DAB: G.L. Jaynes, 2004 PDF
  • Claims, Force Majeure: C.R. Seppala PDF
  • Clauses 17 to 19 (Risk, Force Majeure) of the new contracts: N. Bunni, 2001
  • The DRB/DAB: An attractive procedure: P.M. Genton, 1999; PDF 
  • FIDIC Conditions & DAB: S. Wade, 2003 PDF
  • Clause 20, Dispute Resolution: M. Mortimer-Hawkins, 2004 PDF 
  • Dispute Boards & DAB: H.J. Chapman, 2004 PDF   
  • Writing the Decision: ICE Conciliation and Adjudication Advisory Panel PDF
  • Writing the Decision: I. Leto & G. Jaynes, 2004 PDF
  • FIDIC Conditions of Contract and the Dispute Adjudication Procedure : C.R. Seppala (2003)
  • ICA Report on Construction Industry Arbitrations: Judge Humphrey Lloyd 2002 PDF
  • A Dispatch from the Front: Dispute Boards at 2002 PDF: G. Jaynes, 2002
  • Periodical Meeting of the DAB (PDF): M. Mortimer-Hawkins, 2004
  • Formal Adjudication (PDF): G. Hawker, 2002
  • Hearings (PDF): G. Jaynes, 2004
  • The new FIDIC provision for a Dispute Adjudication Board.pdf: C. Seppala, 1997
  • The Gap in Clause 20, N. Bunni PDF
  • Multitiered dispute resolution clauses (PDF), B.M. Cremades, 2004
  • Restraints on the execution of Work: N. Bunni, IBC, London, Oct. 2005 PDF
  • Do we have a dispute.pdf: K. Elliot, 2006
  • Multitiered cases: ICC ADR (PDF): P.W. Wolrich, 2002
  • Enforcing construction claims (PDF): 2003
  • International dispute resolution: contractor's experience: H. Kontges (PDF) ICLR, Oct. 2006
  • The roles and duties of an expert witness in adjudication.pdf, A. Farr, 2006
  • Process Model for Administering Claims: N. Asem et al, 2002 PDF

Demand guarantees, risk allocation, change management