Webinar to highlight importance of collaboration in the fight against corruption

21 May 2024

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Corruption and how to tackle it will come under the spotlight once again at a webinar on Tuesday 18 June 2024 organised by the FIDIC Integrity Management Committee (IMC).

The webinar, which will see the FIDIC IMC and Ernst & Young (EY) join forces to demonstrate the importance of a collective approach to fighting corruption, is the second in a series of three events where FIDIC and EY will demonstrate the importance of anti-corruption activities at all levels, from the individual to the nation state and how construction professionals can play their part in advocating for integrity.

The webinar, Why collaboration is essential in the fight against corruption, will also preview EY’s Global Integrity Report, the 2024 edition of which is due to be published on 6 June 2024. The report, which is based on a major survey of around 3,000 global board members, senior managers, managers and employees in some of the largest organisations and public bodies in 40 countries and territories worldwide, is expected to identify “speak-up cultures” and whistleblowing as a significant theme. Speakers at the webinar are likely to examine the issue in some depth, outlining the strategies that companies and organisations need to have in place to enable staff to report corruption whenever and wherever they find it.

The online event will be chaired by Richard Stump, vice president of leading US architecture, engineering and consulting firm RS&H and chair of FIDIC’s integrity management committee, Speakers include EY partners Nick Jones (UK), Sharon van Rooyen (South Africa), Cecilia Melzi (Peru), Chandan Sarkar (United States), Lyndon White, senior adviser at Lawbrook Project Advisory and vice-chair of the FIDIC integrity management committee (Australia) and Graham Pontin, director of policy, external affairs and communications at FIDIC (United Kingdom).

“It’s essential that organisations put integrity at the heart of their operations,” said FIDIC Integrity Management Committee chair Richard Stump. “Organisations that do this are more resilient, profitable and better able to retain their top talent and attract new customers, especially during challenging times. Acting with integrity allows consulting firms to be trusted advisors to customers, which allows those customers to make better business decisions. Integrity is much more than a mission statement and written policies. It’s something that everyone should develop, from the CEO and the board right down to junior employees, business partners and third parties,” Stump said.

The webinar and the forthcoming EY Global Integrity Report will highlight that tackling corruption and identifying potentially corrupt practices is the right and responsibility of everyone and that it is only through cooperation and the involvement of each and every person and institution can the negative impact of this global crime be overcome.

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